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Spanish Foreign Legion Cavalry Lancers Squadron (conversions from MINIFIGS, Old Glory, and other traders) a post about conversions will be published in the near future.

There are three or four main reasons to use a Painting Service to my knowledge:

  1. You are the ten thumbs type of person who does not like arts&crafts, and is not able to paint the figures yourself, but has read History and wants to wargame or whatever… needs someone to paint his miniatures for him. No problem at all you did not build your car don’t you? (mind, I know a guy who does!).
  2. Time is an issue, either you are too old -as me today- to contemplate starting something anew, or either (as was my case too at a certain time) you do not have spare time because you are overworked and need what remains of it to have a family life in the real world.
  3. You do not have a room or a corner to do the job yourself -this can be aggravated but someone living with you allergic to paint- pass on and go ahead… use a painting service. Megalomania also is a cause because it is impossible to you to do it for the sheer amount of minis for your project.
  4. Laziness, if you are able to explain yourself meticulously to the painters and have the cash… why not?. A variant is a Time Date, be that a wargame with friends or a Convention Game.

I always had a plus of love for the figures I painted myself, and I painted more than one or two thousand myself in my time, but I adapted quickly to the system at a certain moment due to point 2.

Guess this is enough, maybe there are even other reasons like short-sight or whatever but I am not going to dwell on that.

Nowadays I use several painting services at the same time (I am near seventy!), Mersey Wargames have painted my Union 6mm Baccus Army and other projects like Khaki British Colonials, Custer’s Battalion at the LBH, the XIXth French Corps (Afrique) etc.; Turbil Miniatures have painted the Confederates also using Baccus 6mm; and Reveille has painted Leven buildings, fences, bridges, stonewalls, Baccus trees basing, and scenery in general (and some units because Daniel have done them for himself before).

A typical order when arrives, open the box and you get 4 brigades of Infantry, 2 of Cavalry, 2 limbers and 2 Wagons. Mersey Wargame output. I do not even have to buy the minis myself, just specify what you want in a detailed form and pop goes the whistle.
A small order from Turbil Miniatures. Some Baccus and some Rapier 6mm.

In my 25mm Napoleonic times, when I was really been overworking as an Arquitect, that made me start the process with painting services that even offered different levels of finition (I did the details and the basing myself) and that was the only way to have Austrian and Russian Armies and other minor states…

Spanish, Polish and Wurtemberg units, MINIFIGS 25mm painted through painting services, I did the basing and put on the flags and little else (some retouching here and there).

Tips that are probably evident but nevertheless let me do a succinct exposition. First of all you have to plan ahead because all painters have a waiting list, they are in it as a business and they want to keep the customer satisfied. So if you do wait too much to place an order do not be surprised by the long wait… keep that in mind. The better the Painting Service the longer the waiting list. There are two ways to do it, one to speed the process (and gain time with cancelling the trips of the minis to and fro) is to place the order directly to the painters -of course it needs a sound knowledge of the packs or ranges you are asking for- the other more lengthy but sometimes unavoidable if you -like me do- some conversions is to order from Baccus or whoever and once things properly organized send them to the painting service. To gain time if you know what you are going to do you can gain time doing this in parallel. For example: tell the painter via email: send an Invoice via PayPal for 12 brigades of Infantry, 28 minis per stand including price of basing and put me on your waiting list while you wait for the minis to arrive. I would probably will use that method if I do another period. The most important tip is that the painter does not have the gift of telepathy, meaning that what you do not write down -on an email- will be done at his or her discretion, do you want the two standard-bearers standing in the front rank side by side? do say so, do you want a certain disposition of the figures in the base? specify correctly, do you want your Cavalry based in a certain way? wedge, line, double line, whatever… say so. I think I have made the point clear. Think also that the Painting Service is not an Encyclopedia of your period of interest, and providing images and details of the uniforms ALWAYS help a lot, specially when using proxies. Do not forget to ask for particular colours on the horses, trumpeters on greys, etc. And above all remember that what you do not specify is left to chance! It is not a moment for laziness do make your homework and the Painting Service will be almost as if you have painted the minis yourself.

One of my first tries with a painting service, I ordered some Republican Rome and Carthaginians to substitute missing pieces of a board-game (very old).

Author: Alejo Dorca

Born in 1952. Married in 1976. Two sons and a daughter. 4 grandsons to date, 3 boys and a girl. Arquitect in 1978. Retired in 2016 aprox. Lifelong Toy Soldiers aficionado.