NEW Projects and “moves” 2020

Having finished the Baccus 6mm ACW Armies including “special stands” it was a matter of time that I would have “the itch” again. I am not surprised… it has been like this always. So I am going to explain it in this post and let you see how things evolve. In fact I am NOT through the ACW… read below…

1.- New Project priority: Of course been a life time fan of John Ford the new project is Pony Wars Baccus 6mm but the range is still being sculpted and no date for release yet, but it has been said that “in due time in 2020″… Calmly waiting for it. I am interested in a Western Fort (if Leven modifies or completes its one because I am not enthralled by it presently!) even if I know the Old West “Forts” did not look at all like those portrayed in Hollywood movies. Nevertheless I am a sucker for that. So it would have to be (probably). The rest is easy … scenarios based on films like Fort Apache / She wore a yellow ribbon / Rio Grande… that stuff mainly… big fan of John Ford I am afraid as I have said.

2.- Due to the “Fort” idea… then using it too for “the” Fort Henry in THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS come to mind… always enjoyed the new version on film of that horrible dense/philosophical “novel” (as one who has read the whole book I can say that I enjoyed only the last chapters), the movie (for once is much better than the book!) has a beautiful soundtrack too. So I have bought RUSE DE GUERRE rules from Baccus to have a look at the period. They do the minis alright. I am using smaller bases for projects like the French Foreign Legion and guess some characters deserve to be in single stands. Nearly Role Playing you will think… well, why not? This one depends still on a lot of mental process and decisions (all irrational never fear). Tempted by using this minis or Seven Years War or AWI “a la Charles Grant” meaning fictional Regiments and Armies… always doubting I fear… I love the uniforms but not the “REAL HISTORICAL WAR”.

UPDATE (2): Received the Polemos rules RUSE DE GUERRE… first impression?… OK if you are nuts with those periods… BUT I am not… so… if I ever indulge in doing the French&Indian War it would be with smaller bases and certainly a more skirmish air to it… not much interested in the battles of the period aka Wolfe&Montcalm in the Abraham’s Plains etc. (A volley and a charge and that’s it!). In general I am addicted to those Brigade bases 60×30 mm specially for the ACW… but one thing is the Seven Years War in Europe and other the American scenarios… I guess they have a more “colonial” feel for me and that means the biggest base is 30x30mm and smaller as Pendraken do to order. Still doubting about that one. How I have managed to do a lot of periods in 6mm and not owning a single redcoat is a mystery to me…

3).- Waiting for my last legionnaires and Fort Zinderneuf from Reveille (Daniel Hodgson), will of course post pics when I get the stuff, here and in French Foreign Legion French Colonial Units Post. You can see pics in FaceBook he has posted today… a great landscaper Dan.

Final stages… Fort Zinderneuf five times smaller that the one I used to have in 28mm.

FFL rallying square. Final stages… have to add flag etc. Baccus 6mm proxies from the Franco-Prussian War range.

UPDATE (3): They are going to the Post tomorrow Monday the 17th of February (The Fort and the Legionnaires)… quite appropriate as it is my Birthday!

Today 27th of February the Reveille parcel arrived!… Very good Zinderneuf Fort and legionnaires based in twos and singly (smaller bases by Pendraken), also trees stands, bocage or impassable terrain in 60x60mm bases and a Mill Building for the ACW!… as usual Daniel Hodgson does the best scenery around, but still very good painting minis mind! have to do proper pics… in due time…

4).- Due to the excellent book by Mr. Howard Whitehouse and Mr. Foley (rules that I will -of course- tamper with) about Old School Wargaming…

I have ordered from Andrew Stevenson 54mm soldiers (AndrewReplicaModelSoldiers), British Kakhi Colonial Berkshires, (Maiwand fame) a couple of Mountain guns and some British lancers to be precise… maybe to confront my FFL 54mm Dorset soldiers… FASHODA Fictional game of course! (If some prefer red clad Brits facing Prussian invasion of GB, why not do myself my own thing as usual?). Of course I use them in separate affairs without the opposition… The Brits in a large scale (well, 54mm) Maiwand… The FFL at Zinderneuf yet again… long, long, long ago I decided that I have not love lost for Dervishes, Fuzzy Wuzzies, Afghans, Zulus, Redskins etc. specially NOT in 54mm. I still have temptations in 6mm… but so far I have avoided the minis… puffs of smoke here and there and dice throws will suffice… To each his own manias… I love MY Armies but do not have empathy with the enemy at all… wish there was a Wargames Club nearby sometimes (but I am a bit like Groucho Marx in that aspect if they would have me then not interested…)

UPDATE (4): Asked for Bobbie the Berkshire’s terrier… still waiting an answer from Andrew… not success so far…

5.- Of course all this that I explain so quickly has not been so easy decided as I write it down, Ex: my last order to Baccus (ACW) was stopped by me (very quickly) on its tracks, changed the packs to Colonials, changed again modifying the list of colonials… put on hold or “banked” (while I thought about the French&Indian War) and finally (after going full circle) reverting to the first idea (Polishing ACW). I have decided to “polish” my ACW Armies with “new” stands, but instead of sending the minis directly to the painters, this time I got three packs of ACW07 to mess with them myself before entering the final painting process (read Greg at MERSEY WARGAMES PAINTING SERVICE) , choosing the minis for the units, grouping them, even samples will be done of what I want and how to glue them in them bases diagrams and all) etc… anything I do will be done in parallel -meaning I wont delete units by Rapier I do not specially have a “feel” with… and the one’s substituted would get transferred to the Washington defenses or similar- until I have the new units back from the painters… (so that way I can wargame while polishing) … and all the time waiting with calm for the Pony Wars range!

UPDATE (5): Baccus is sending the 5 packs of ACW of my last “confusing” order (confusing because I kept changing my mind!)… curiously enough also on Monday the 17th of February!

Finally the Baccus ACW packs arrived today 27th of February!… time to sort them out and organize heterodox compositions on the standard 60x30mm stand for POLEMOS or Altar of Freedom rules (tampered by me of course!).

So in a nutshell those are “the moves” actually happening, in the meantime reading a lot of books as usual, Little Big Horn, ACW, Western “classics” , a BD (read Comic Strip with French text) on the Maximillian Mexican War (splendid drawings by Meynet) and a wonderful English edition of War&Peace by Tolstoi (redundant comment just for those who still think that is a new set of Napoleonic rules). Just bought the book ROSEBUD by Paul L. Hedren on because it seems interesting to wargame… in fact it is a very good read and I can recommend it!

Will keep you abreast of them “moves”. I am really puzzled about what Peter Berry will produce as Packs for the PONY WARS BACCUS range… so mysterious about it… damn it!… I said I was calm!… only intrigued that’s the word!

After deep pondering about it… I won’t wait for the Pony Wars range… a bit of putty and plenty of ACW packs cavalry and will do the US Cavalry myself… will have to wait for the Hostiles… no way I can scratchbuild those… but that will keep me busy… as a matter of fact I even have the wagons… now… a stagecoach would be appreciated… Peter is having so much success with Baccus 6mm… that he jumps from a ton of orders to a close the shop cart again… and so on… like a hamster on a wheel… wish him luck girls and boys!

Author: Alejo Dorca

Born in 1952. Married in 1976. Two sons and a daughter. 4 grandsons to date, 3 boys and a girl. Arquitect in 1978. Retired in 2016 aprox. Lifelong Toy Soldiers aficionado.