28mm Perrys’es (?)

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From my vault… have found a pic I kept to show how well painted are 28mm today (not as a rule of course)… in fact the fashion is to have more detail painted on them than on the steadfast Toy Soldier of yore… all in name of realism of course!… as if “pushing tin” is real… LOL

I am not heretic of course and to each his own, but it was one of the things that put me out of that scale (a part from the lack of room etc).

A very inspiring example. Enjoy

I guess they are Perry… and a good paintjob!

54mm Toy Soldiers

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I am currently in the middle of upgrading my units to 12 Infantry to play test AGW in my Table (it was longer than I thought to “clean up” the mess of my office)… Will probably confront my French Foreign Legion DORSET against British India Kakhi REPLICA… quite if the FASHODA incident had happened in Lybia somehow I do not have the heart (and time and money) to build a Prussian Army and “go to Dorking”… if you know what I mean… Now all depends on DORSET and REPLICA whom has to provide the missing minis to get those units to 12 Infantry per unit!. Enjoy

Ever popular scale I guess…

More British Guards

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Somehow a monotonous subject, but as the Imperial Guard Grenadiers the most popular ever with collectors and wargamers alike. You can not buldt a 54mm toy soldier collection eluding those I guess… neither your wargaming Napoleonic French Army will do without the other… that’s how it is and would be. Enjoy

Quite a rather good pic!

More “B” series…

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I am a Guards fan since young (I was born very young as Groucho Marx used to say)… somehow the pic seems to have catch the Guards with quite a slopiness rifles stance angle if you know what I mean… if they were in my collection some bending and regluing of arms would have been in order. But you need all sorts you know… Very nice pic. Enjoy.

Great minis and scenery… always thought the Guards got to carry their rifles at a steady angle…

A Wargame the good old way!

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There was a time I did just that (see elsewhere in this webpage) amassed hundreds of Minifigs which I did paint myself laboriously and at the end of it I gloriously wargamed Waterloo with my younger brother!… those were the days I am afraid… I got a big crisis in regard of the scale and the table needed and sold them all (they live in Switzerland nowadays). I thought that my wargaming days were ended… and somehow they were… I still collect but not much of my time in the hobby is employed in wargaming at all… I do collect wargames minis in 6mm and have a lot of mega-scenarios in my head… but only in my head… I do not know if I ever will put them to practice anymore…

Wargame as good as they come…