Working on it!

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Since before X’mas (around the 22 December) when I got the parcel from Dorset I have been working (meaning mainly painting) 54mm Toy Soldiers on a regular basis (meaning about an hour a day)… things coming out nicely… and NO not ALL the figures in the pic are my work, some are part of my collection used like models to get the colors right! (you can see there are more officers than men in the pic!)… as it was the necessity of grouping my collection in units of 12 figures to play A GENTLEMAN’S WAR rules needed a “round up” of the collection which was badly underofficered as it was…

Having a great time!

Hope you enjoy!

French Foreign Legion by DORSET MINIATURES in various states of finition (read painting)…

Author: Alejo Dorca

Born in 1952. Married in 1976. Two sons and a daughter. 4 grandsons to date, 3 boys and a girl. Arquitect in 1978. Retired in 2016 aprox. Lifelong Toy Soldiers aficionado.