Carlos Amador posted those 6mm in facebook… awesome if you ask me!

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For once (or as usual) I have no idea if they are in the market or not, where to buy them, if they are lead or resin, if sculpted or printed… whatever… I am sorry… surf Facebook as I do… maybe you will have a better info as a result.

But OMG! what a magnificent painting job!

I have said before in this Blog that 6mm is the FUTURE for Big Battles and Wargaming… I can be wrong of course (mainly if you only skirmish)… but have had this gut feeling since castings and printers improved sooooo much!

Here they are… to stay…


I guess they are 3D printed but not sure…
Spanish Troops
French I guess by the Flags (not my period I am afraid)
Magnificent 6mm!
Pikes always oversized I fear…
Artillery is a must see!

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