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Many days without talking about books, without them the hobby would not exist… it is as simple as that. Get a view of what I have just finished or I am reading today… Nowadays you buy books either for cover&description or to get something you already know (meaning sometimes you read as you have written the thing yourself!), a well trodden path they say… I simply will not discuss Little Big Horn books (Custer at the end dies with all his battalion… not the complete 7th… sorry for the spoiler!)… I was fortunate enough to get Bill Rini’s article about Keogh’s fight from the author himself (excellent what if!)… all tales about Custer are WHAT IFS…

OK, nor more digressing… I am now reading HURRAH FOR THE LIFE OF A SAILOR! if I still could review in amazon (not that I am banned at all) I would gave it something like four stars… Interesting to a point… but I expected much more and less “chaff”. STILL RECOMMENDED MIND! (In fact it gets better once past the first chapters…)

On the table also a 5 stars book which is an oldie THE OXFORD HISTORY OF THE BRITISH ARMY… dense, full of data, hard to read quickly, you have to digest a lot of things specially from 1910 onwards. RECOMMENDED.

Allan Mallinson is best know for his works of fiction… but he wrote a cracking History book THE MAKING OF THE BRITISH ARMY… with some little holes in it. A solid 4 stars. How he can “pass” from INKERMAN is a puzzle… and his colonial African pages are not the best of the book… but a very good read. Also RECOMMENDED but if you have to choose get the anterior.

I am not a great reader of “Biographies” mainly because of the embellishments and down right lies on them or even search of sensationalism… but Churchill is a subject that has always fascinated me… THE LAST VICTORIAN AND THE FIRST LILIBETHIAN… I guess I found his early years much more interesting than most. If you like the man get it.

On a more dedicated (and to the point of this Blog) subject… an homage to Donald Featherstone his book BATTLES WIT MODEL SOLDIERS (5 stars and reedited) would have avoided me the trouble to write one myself if I had read it beforehand!… simply unavoidable for wargamers (specially NOSTALGIC!).

There, you can not expect much more on a Sunday morning!



Not a marvel… but quite down to earth… have too few books about the Royal Navy.
Actually reading this one… very good.
Not perfect but well written…
Interested in his early years as a subaltern… but will read through to the end…
Just finished… wish I have read it on the early eighties… a crack book!
I added this excellent pic from The Vault as a Bonus!

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