Wargames Holiday Centre.

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I do not allow publicity in this Blog… so this is my own opinion… they actually are having a break… but there are NOT better ways to be introduced to wargaming in 28mm in the grand manner… at a price of course… if I lived in Old Blighty I would already have done so (Not that I need any introduction to wargaming… just because the size of the tables and the opportunity to wargame with other people with an Umpire who has beeen there/done that/has the T-shirt.


Massed Russian Units (Napoleonic of course!)

Another go at Military Modeling… and praise for Bill Horan’s work!

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I am a fan of Bill Horan work (those Camel Corps are not from him to my knowledge) but when I see something familiar I can not resit posting it!

Below a recent work of him… mind blowing!… it is 54mm!


Officer, NCO, and trooper of The Camel Corps… precursors of both the LRDC and the SAS in much more than a way.
This is a Bill Horan (at work from scratch)
Bill’s speciality a 54mm work! (this is a blow up!)
And even bigger Blow UP!… fantastic job!

Carlos Amador posted those 6mm in facebook… awesome if you ask me!

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For once (or as usual) I have no idea if they are in the market or not, where to buy them, if they are lead or resin, if sculpted or printed… whatever… I am sorry… surf Facebook as I do… maybe you will have a better info as a result.

But OMG! what a magnificent painting job!

I have said before in this Blog that 6mm is the FUTURE for Big Battles and Wargaming… I can be wrong of course (mainly if you only skirmish)… but have had this gut feeling since castings and printers improved sooooo much!

Here they are… to stay…


I guess they are 3D printed but not sure…
Spanish Troops
French I guess by the Flags (not my period I am afraid)
Magnificent 6mm!
Pikes always oversized I fear…
Artillery is a must see!


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I must admit that one of the things that push me to wargaming (in my early days in the hobby) was the fact of the “grandeur” of a Cavalry Charge!, of course I had seen on the movies scenes like the Errol Flynn (CUSTER) charges in the third day of Gettysburg… you know what I mean… ” First of Michigan Charge! ” etc etc etc

Addicted to colourful uniforms for esthetic reasons… nothing could compare to Napoleonic Cavalry Uniforms… Hussars in fact nearly never “charged” but were used in “la petite guerre” of outposts, patrols, scouting and denying the vue of the main Army to the enemy (but you read about those things later on… LOL)

Be that as it may the only thing that surpasses a Cavalry Charge is a Cavalry encounter with both sides charging to a bitter (and magnificent) melee… so that is the subject today!


Post Scriptum: painfully enough you will discover with time that attrition is hard on the horses, very rarely Horse Regiments have a full complement due to lack of horses, and then cavalry is a small percentage of any Army (keep it on a bandbox)… so you will have to paint Line Infantrymen (again), in a higher proportion… the more Cavalry you get (same as Guard or Elite Units) the more Infantry you need (even militia!) to have a minimal sense of proportion in the Army of your choice… isn’t life hard!

And I guess all those pics are from the Wargames Holiday Centre… and work of M. Freeth.



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Quite an “antiques” approach today… you have to like authenticity, rarity, exclusiveness, original paintjob, many years long actual state, in a word: VINTAGE Toy Soldiers…

If you look closely at the pics you will see the figures that are pictured in the rightly famous among collectors book by James Opie “Collecting Toy Soldiers” (Paperback edition in English).

It is not my speciality at all and I do not have the financial means to go chasing for rare sets in public auctions… (but if I had would not do at all… would go for paintings or rare first editions of books if you understand me), and what is more I have a penchant for the bright shiny new toy soldiers be that new future vintage or not… I do not give a fig if they will become vintage because I won’t be threre…

I guess that really Vintage means not bright and shiny anymore and the charm is “another thing”, the fact that the paint has gone away in parts (faded or fallen out) provokes in me an unnatural desire of scrap the remaining paint and do a new paintjob and use gloss varnish on top! (maybe I am insensible to the concept vintage at all… but I keep my first toys in that way for nostalgia reasons… even if they are cautxuc and less than ten items… and nearly as Old as me…) so I am in it for nostalgia reasons after all.

I guess Collectors of VINTAGE Toy Soldiers deserved a Post… well… here it is by courtesy of John Mullenger! (as seen in Facebook).


Vintage Toy Soldiers
A couple of shelves full of treasures… see on top right corner the figures used on the cover of the James Opie book.
They would get high prices on an auction… because of their rarity.
Another view…

Paul Watson does it again…

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Yesterday was John Clarke… Today is Paul Watson (a true friend of mine), how can he manage to “cut”, “solder”, “repare”, “modify”, and dig gold from the scrap pile of old discarded toy soldiers by less able people truly amazes me , in this case the two members of the Naval Landing Party has been converted into stretcher bearers… and the “casualty” is a multipart “remake” (you know what I mean… one torso, other legs, other arms, and an overall good painting job!

Well done, Congratulations!