Back in the Saddle!

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Me, returning from a short trip… in fact so short that I did not take the portable computer with me (it is portable but heavy!)… well, it is not only me who is back in the saddle again!… REPLICA METAL SOLDIERS (read Andrew Stevens) has proudly announced in FaceBook that it is taking orders again!… from today!… now if you love Britain’s style figures in 54mm what are you waiting for?… I have already placed a small order just in case!

60mm those… and quite right!
The basis of my order of today to REPLICA!

Author: Alejo Dorca

Born in 1952. Married in 1976. Two sons and a daughter. 4 grandsons to date, 3 boys and a girl. Arquitect in 1978. Retired in 2016 aprox. Lifelong Toy Soldiers aficionado.