I will not be original today…

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Doing a clean-up of The Vault!

And what that means?

Lots of Napoleonic pics!

You must be at least divided in two categories those who love them and those indifferent to them (I do not think many loath them…)

So, nearly finished… not yet… but nearly

Myself?… in a hiatus with nagging doubts about the wise parameters of some ACW rules mechanisms… LOL… but plenty of time to experiment (I am a solo wargamer remember?… plenty of time…).

Also trying to buy a 6mm Nile Gunboat… not as easy as it seems… I got the money… I got the decision… got the place where the 3D files are and would sell to me… got the printer OK… but it seems I need permission of the author(?!?!?!) who has put it in the market in the first place… so all quite a confused affair… will keep you posted!

So, for the moment…


Cuirassiers (should have been in another post!) the one with artistic background
Lancers (Austrian)
Artillery (overdimensioned… lol)
Massed Cavalry

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