Trying my hand at 6MM proxies (II) Baccus slightly modified.

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To continue with it… we left the minis glued to balsa strips (first Regiment), of course there were three Regiments of the Brigade of Guards in the Crimea: The Grenadiers (white plume), The Coldstreamers (red plume) and The Scots Fusiliers (soon to become The Scots Guards officially in 1877 I think…. the last were considered Queen Victoria’s pets.

Well, just red applied, will post new pics as others colors are applied in batches… one at the time of course!


One Regiment with undercoat (priming)
Next one is prepared and ready to be undercoated
Red is applied
A bit of close up
The three preliminary steps: Close to yo a Regiment glued on balsa strips; in the middle a Regiment with undercoat ; and on the far side with red applied (first true color)

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