River Nile Gunboat 6MM. By Daniel Hodgson.

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It took time… a lot of time… but finally in my collection!

I pestered Daniel in Facebook for so long I was lucky the range of his guns did not reach ANDORRA!… LOL

Seriously, I have admired his work for years, and 99% of my real state ACW buildings in 6MM are from him (meaning LEVEN and BACCUS but painted by him).

Occasionally he even did some 6MM minis for me.

But that Gunboat is a masterpiece!… I am unable to scratch build one to be sure… not even copying the present one… so be it… my OMDURMAN project is finally “complete” (if that notion exists at all).

Many thanks Daniel.


Not much words needed.
Another view.
Frontal view.
Rear view.

Author: Alejo Dorca

Born in 1952. Married in 1976. Two sons and a daughter. 4 grandsons to date, 3 boys and a girl. Arquitect in 1978. Retired in 2016 aprox. Lifelong Toy Soldiers aficionado.