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Why can not a wargamer be a pacifist?… or why the fact that we are studying History makes you think we are warmongers?

Of course if sceptic like me about human nature SI VIS PACEM PARA BELLUM is a real valid maxim!

Here are some reflections about the other movies (apart from the obviously war related) and TV series I find to the point!

And only after reading a lot you come to the right conclusions.

Just in case you have not seen Blackadder’s WWI series ending… go for it!… it will do you not harm…

And BTW all that was said before in the film “Duck’s Soup” by The Marx Brothers… (less poetically I agree but with a degree of sarcasm, sardonic humour, cynical behaviour and no priciples at all… a real masterpiece!) I can not understand how people can think seriously about politics&war after seeing that film! … add Chaplin’s “The Dictator” to the recipe if you please… or the brilliant film “WarGames”.

All that does not mean I would not fight when need be… specially defending my family!

Guess if a chronicle of man’s passing through the Earth is ever compiled the title would be: The Mad Times. Incidentally one of my grandfathers thought the same… a pity I could not talk to him a lot…


I guess some people never understood the ending…

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