ACW Cavalry Battles Books. (Wittenberg & Others).

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My efforts to wargame cavalry actions of the ACW needed a lot of reading before implementing… if you ask me they were quite confused affairs and a lot of advancing and retreating. But I just love Cavalry (blame John Ford!) and the need of a lesser scale of trying to emulate with, even in 6MM because you need regiments not brigades. Hope you understand what I mean (In popular 6MM wargames rules POLEMOS – ALTAR OF FREEDOM and the like a Brigade of Cavalry is a stand with 9 figures!… too small to properly do it…).

Those two first books (even if a lot Southern biased… or it seems so because the North wrote the History embellished like everybody else… Winners usually get this chance… losers do not care too much at least when the thing is over because they have to learn to cope with it…) are a must read to understand a bit the real thing… no way (or very difficult) to simulate a raid though… dust, blown horses, Union killing unfit horses to do not let them to the CSA) thirst, hunger, constant skirmishing, lack of sleep, bad comms, mistakes… etc.

A fascinating period to study but not to fight in the XIXth! (seriously it was brutal enough).


The Osprey is not bad too.
Probably a draw overall but definitely not an Union victory.
Custer’s jump to fame
Quite good IMHO
Quite to the point.
THE HORSE SOLDIERS film real history
Interesting but lefts out other outstanding commanders like Hampton, Merritt etc

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