Old Movies worth watching more than once… (of course they are wargaming related).

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Limited myself to 10, but there are a lot more… of course… no WWII or WWI either because I do not like mass murder in a way (sorry about that).

Some are historically based, some are the translation to the screen of a good book, and the last is a John Ford!

Of course GODS&GENERALS; ZULU DAWN; RIO GRANDE; FORT APACHE; BARRY LYNDON and THE LAST OF THE MOHICANS are also there to recommend but somehow this is my TOP TEN.

No particular order at all. But recommended… maybe one day I will give a list of Little Big Horn and French Foreign Legion films too…


“the” ACW battle… (From victory to defeat)
Great acting and characters… and massed troops!
One of my all time favourites!
When I first saw it at the theater I was very young and did not knew the end of it!
Not exactly a war film… but great adventure!
Also a classic based on a good book!
Based on the real Grierson’s raid but a great John Ford as usual!
Very good movie (Aubrey&Maturin saga)
Simply a masterpiece!
And last but not least! SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON !

Author: Alejo Dorca

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