High Water Mark?

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To the bravery of BOTH sides…

Toy soldiers in fact represent those brave men that payed the ultimate price in so many wars… Lee’s?. Longstreet’s? Pickett’s? who really cares?… I do not believe in such things as THE HIGH WATER MARK or else… PBI YES!… Anecdotally Custer made his name today… Ride on you wolverines! etc.

By July 1863 the Union Army matched the Confederates in every aspect… and had more numbers, better Artillery, Navy, Supplies and whatever… it was only a matter of time (heroic if you please)… but there was nothing the South could do til the bitter end…

So for once Troiani is a better option than any toy Soldier pic.

Well, I could not resist it after all…

17th Lancers

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As seen in facebook… quite a painting job!

Nothing like ceremonial uniforms of the late XIXth Century I guess…

Today’s anniversary…

BTW I forgot to mention it is the second day of Gettysburg… and Chamberlain was a great Regimental commander… but I do not think you could have outflanked the boys in blue… (my opinion).

6 mm

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Sigi’s Stagecoach!…

Now, I have one too… but the honour is for Sigi who put The Ringo Kid on top of it!… passengers to Lordsburg last call!

So, YES yo can make conversions AND Military Modeling in 6mm too!… It is my current passion… and you find always better examples than yours truly… LOL

Incidentally I forgot to mention today is the 1st of July… so Gettysburg begins… with Buford’s decision to deny the heights to the Confederate Army…

Great decision… great illustration… great general!

That box started it all…

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Britain’s extra large set (two trays) Coldstream Guards… fantastic gift from my parents!

Now, that brought along a lot of reminiscences… seen in an Auction in the USA… not that I am going to bid at all… I had the real thing at the time it was needed…

I already had a lot of plastic, rubber and aluminium toy soldiers… but that box suddenly become the apex of my loot!

Sorry for the poor quality of the pics but they were really small.

As you all know I was hooked on Toy Soldiers for life…

Toy Soldiers Geneva Convention.

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Excellent Models!… but I hate Indirect fire… it is perhaps too much realistic for me!

Do not misunderstand me those are Toy Soldiers (BRAVO!)… but as an ex-infantryman I loathe mortars and distant Artillery you know… so I am all for the line of sight gunnery approach… no wonder I like to wargame the ACW. This is perhaps too close to reality I fear. Something of a beast gun.

So perhaps we need a Toy Soldiers Geneva Convention after all… I know War (and wargames) are based on the point of throwing “things” to the enemy… but limits would be nice.

Probably the limit (read “my limit”) on the tabletop… LOL