Your daily dose… of 28mm!

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I have no excuse… no ideas other than to post some nice pics!… you see… I am too busy by now with other projects and this is just to keep you entertained… even if it is a small proportion of you (the readers of this webpage) amused for a while…


Russian Napoleonic
Napoleonic Lancers
French Napoleonic Infantry
And to make your Sunday!… Bonaparte himself!

Exotic and Colourful Pics!

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As you know this is not my period at all… but from time to time I have to “clean The Vault” from pics that have impressed me in Facebook.

So here there are… hope you like the craftsmanship involved and the work on the flags and banners… I did



Must admit they are coulourful
Not very easy to “manipulate” but fantastic work!
Facebook said “Black Band” and it must be!

More Napoleonics!

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Just for the sake of the artistry… well painted miniatures and excellent pics!

Nice way to start a Sunday.

I can promise ANTIETAM in 6mm for tomorrow if all goes well… Union is deployed… but Confederates yet to do so… SOLO wargamers like me have a lot of work on their hands… even if sometimes the results are satisfying…


Enjoy today! (and wait for tomorrow!

A charge of the 3rd Hussars… with an excellent background! (artistic if I may say so)
French Infantry
And more…

British Napoleonics (read Waterloo) WHC (again).

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Big Navy, Small Army, Diplomacy and financial support… and many coalitions!

In the end it produced the ultimate Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars (why not the Old Monarchies Wars eludes me).

Thought I would give you some pics of a quite profesional Army that was nearly defeated at Waterloo… and rescued by the Prussians in the nick of time!… to do not mention the Allies (Dutch&Belgian, Brunswickers, Nassauers, Hannoverians, and KGL to just mention a few whom in general terms fought as hard as the Britons…).


Scot Greys
British Cavalry
British Infantry

28mm “Tricornes period”

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Guess I have to thank again the collections of the Wargames Holiday Center and Mark Freeth (for the Facebook pics).

Wargamers are a very varied and multicultural breed… see those examples (or pics) below… One can be a fan of a period and utterly unimpressed by others… the impermeability of influence syndrome… it is very difficult to start a new period!

The more yo cumulate information about the cherished one the more you tend to have a lazy and (quite to the point) uninterested feeling for what for others in the hobby is the topermost!.

Talk about studious “normal” people obsessed with the Little Big Horn (me included)… have read more than a hundred books (in my collection) about it and when I buy a “new” one I already know Custer will die at the end (to be fair in some he dies about the middle of the book!)… LOL (I am laughing at myself not at them fans).

So here you have it from Marlborough to the Seven Years War a very interesting period and colourful armies.


Beautiful Flags!
Cavalry Melee.
General view
In those times Cavalry used to “Charge” Infantry…


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I was going to Post another thing and then I pushed the wrong button and all went deleted… and did not wanted to search for the pics again.. so here it is an strange post from me… WWII!… I really do not dig the XXth Century… call me old fashioned fool or whatever… but found the first pic impressive (as the guy open mouthed in the background).

So… for once…


A Bridge too far…
British Paras
A typicall three tables lay out…
A missing pic added today…

Napoleonic eye candy 28mm WHC (III)

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Well, as I usually say… you need all sorts… I am obliged to Mark Freeth for those nice pics of the WHC facilities and Napoleonic Armies (and wargames) they are very easy to find in Facebook.

The day I will stop maintaining the present webpage you will be drinking directly from the fountain if you follow some groups on Facebook.

Before retiring I will provide the names and addresses of those Groups to do not let you orphan of your daily dose of Toy Soldiers.


Beautifully done…
View from the French side…
More Prussians…

Napoleonic eye candy 28mm WHC (II)

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Just to celebrate my 140.000 visitors (on a modest webpage) I Post this anticipatedly instead of tomorrow morning…

Those are the dreams of a wargamer when first he becomes involved in the hobby!


Nice pic! Massed Infantry!
And another… imminent clash!
Clashes of Cavalry are always spectacular… even in in real life either one turned tail or they intersperssed… rarely they come head on…
Here come the “heavies” to the rescue…

Napoleonic eye candy 28mm WHC (I)

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There was a time where I thought I would equal that… LOL… that is megalomania for you!

Now, living more relaxed.

If I ever want to go BIG Napoleonic again… I guess I will book a wekkend at the Wargames Holiday Center, pay my bill and forget about the rest!


PS: My actual obsession is the Crimean War 1854 in 6mm… maybe one day I will post about that too.

Heavy cavalry
French Infantry
Cavalry Melee…