Something by John Clarke.

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There is something fascinating in that process… to mend, repare, adjust and polish and “create” a piece unique… it gives you satisfaction.

Not that big projects have not charm… but sometimes a single figure gives you the whole catarsis condensed… guess you know what I mean.

I liked it… hope you enjoy too!

Done and primed.
Another view.

French Foreign Legion Officers (Playmobil 75mm)

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Maybe you are tired to see those figures?… well… get used to it!… as you know I deal with multiple scales and very different interests!…

The headgear is resin custom painted by me… but all the rest are standard pieces of Playmobil that you need to order from specialized sellers.

You maybe think they are obnoxius… but they are not… not need to paint a lot (I have to admit the fRench kepis on the left has been painted by me using permanent markers and finally gloss varnish… but that is all.

I do usually paint 54mm Toy Soldiers from scratch and it is a much more longer process… as always you need all sorts!


Just the headgear is “custom”

Grenadiers by Bertolini.(40mm)

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Not until you have trained your hand to paint toy soldiers and deal with thick paint, thin paint, wet paint, silly strokes, brushes, thinners, varnishes, and the like should you give your not well founded opinion on the work of others… but once this out of my chest (due to a bad experience with a Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue paint…)… you really need to appreciate the effort of well done units like this one…

BTW (By the way) this morning I was at the local hobby shop… bought more Vallejo and others paint… was refunded the Dark Prussian Blue one… and they retired all the rest in existence because it was as thick as mine (defective lot that they would claim to their purveyor/supplier…) so, a damn fine Sunday morning despite the rain (should be snow by the way!).

I was really frustrated yesterday afternoon…


Have a charm of its own…

Young Winston…

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Well, it was about time I indulged again in messing a bit with modeling (just adding “things” with miliput… I wanted a Winston Spencer Churchill lieutenant in kakhi… mounted… the last Victorian in a way (maybe in more than one way)… so I had a horse (painted) and an arm (painted) bought a figure from Antony Spencer at IMPERIAL/DORSET MINIATURES… and I am working on it… already published in FaceBook in the www.mytoysoldiersandme group… will show again once finished… in maybe not too long time (painting French Foreign Legion at the moment).


Rear view
Frontal view
The horse
First try
Primed out

A bit of Imperialism… I think maybe from Claude Bailey…

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This pic was selected some weeks ago and has remained in The Vault I do not know why… in fact it is one of my favourite subjects… Bengal Lancers… British Officers… LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER… THE DRUM… GUNGA DIN… KARTHOUM … THE FOUR FEATHERS (the 1939 version or either STORM OVER THE NILE -practically the same scenes- but even the BBC version with Beau Bridges is not bad… anything but the last remake which is awful!)… etc.


It really looks like Young Winston in the foreground (working on one myself in 54mm)

Collector at Work! or Dorking (II)

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That’s part of the fun… on the wargames table a big mess of spare parts boxes of Playmobil and freshly done units for wargaming in that scale (75mm) in a simpler variant of A GENTLEMAN’S WAR… not only happy to do DORKING… my convoluted mind has designed an alternative scenario post-Dorking… with Queen Victoria in her Windsor Castle protected by The British Guards (foot, horse and RHA) and a Prussian Corps detached from the main Army to capture the Empress in a coup de main!… LOL

This is the main fun… devising plots and scenarios to use the troops. Prussian Cavalry and Artillery already done… and even that pesky ADC Rupert of Hentzau!

Will give you some pics of units finished and ready to go… but still no complete pic… needs time… needs time…


Wargames Room used as atelier…
French Foreign Legion soldiers with a change of headgear… Prussian Volunteers in a minute!
Prussian Line Infantry
Prussian Guards
The Count of Hentzau!

Graham Hilditch’s Band!

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No Band of Brothers I guess… but a tour de force! doing or printing in 3D those instruments in 42mm is an small wonder. Congratulations on a job well done!


Britains style B scale Cheshire Regiment band. As Britains never made smaller scale 42mm band figures, these are all converts and homecasts. Musical instruments in this scale were difficult to source. Some are scratch made and others 3D printed.


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My first post of 2023… well… I guess it would be a continuation of a theme… a la Oliver Curwood (if you know who he is)… as a child I was fascinated by the North West Mounted Police… and recently got the sledge I was waiting for… so here it is… on the trail up North!


An eskimo guide
opens the trail for the NWMP
Close up!