French Foreign Legion units adapted to AGW.

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I had a collection of 54mm Dorset Soldiers (lead) but the numbers of it were indifferent (modulated on 8’s + officers)… now after an additions bit (sharks frenzy feeding) I have 9 Companies of 12 men adapted to A GENTLEMAN’S WAR set of rules (I use modified if you please).

So yesterday I paraded the force to organize properly. Two of the Co’s are mule mounted (see pics), there are two machine guns, a Battery of Artillery, an Heliograph attached to HQ/Command and some Mounted Officers and ADC’s.

It was fun.


The whole force (minus Cavalry)

Somehow aerial view…
Back View.
Right Flank Infantry (the one top right has been “reorganized” and has dssmissed from the rolls… I was tring to hard to make “10” Co’s… better at “9” and have ADC’s and keep the Geste brothers out of it… LOL
Mule Mounted Companies
Another one…
Company 1
Company 2
Company 3
Company 4
Company 5
Company 6
Company 7

Can you do better?

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I do not wargame that period at all… but the uniforms are a joy to paint and see… when wargames units started to look like minidioramas like this one I went (and for other reasons too!) down to 6mm. For me it is simply impossible to achieve those results… Military Modeling like… and to think that my grandchildren would “manipulate” those minis on the tabletop is also nightmarish… call me squeamish if you want… I predicted all that back in 2006-2008 when I was so innocent as to write a book about it!… I love them but personally count me out.


That’s the level we all want… or not?


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One of the Boy’s Own paradigmas… the rescue of Gordon (who did not want to be rescued)… excellent stuff for wargames… have seen it in most scales… BTW there are excellent books about it… try Michael Asher’s one…

He will be avenged at Omdurman with relish…


It looks as Khartoum to me…

6mm today…

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I have my ACW armies in 6mm ready to fight!… but for the SOLO rules I am working on (intermittently I agree)… After much reflexion I have decided on recreating a “generic battle” NO real generals involved… meaning that I have found quite impossible to PLAY with Lee and Grant or the rest… a game of attrition… Union worried by Washington security… Confederates trying to have a Victory that enables Political recognition from Europe… quite true objectives but I will be in command and the sub-commanders will act as their real counterparts but without names and characters attached… I guess this is the best I can do in a SOLO game.

Enjoy the pic!… have always liked the uniforms of the Franco-Prussian War but find the Historic reality too much unbalanced (as the French High Command!).

Franco-Prussian War

Working on it!

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Since before X’mas (around the 22 December) when I got the parcel from Dorset I have been working (meaning mainly painting) 54mm Toy Soldiers on a regular basis (meaning about an hour a day)… things coming out nicely… and NO not ALL the figures in the pic are my work, some are part of my collection used like models to get the colors right! (you can see there are more officers than men in the pic!)… as it was the necessity of grouping my collection in units of 12 figures to play A GENTLEMAN’S WAR rules needed a “round up” of the collection which was badly underofficered as it was…

Having a great time!

Hope you enjoy!

French Foreign Legion by DORSET MINIATURES in various states of finition (read painting)…

Grenadiers by Bertolini.(40mm)

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Not until you have trained your hand to paint toy soldiers and deal with thick paint, thin paint, wet paint, silly strokes, brushes, thinners, varnishes, and the like should you give your not well founded opinion on the work of others… but once this out of my chest (due to a bad experience with a Vallejo Dark Prussian Blue paint…)… you really need to appreciate the effort of well done units like this one…

BTW (By the way) this morning I was at the local hobby shop… bought more Vallejo and others paint… was refunded the Dark Prussian Blue one… and they retired all the rest in existence because it was as thick as mine (defective lot that they would claim to their purveyor/supplier…) so, a damn fine Sunday morning despite the rain (should be snow by the way!).

I was really frustrated yesterday afternoon…


Have a charm of its own…

A bit of Imperialism… I think maybe from Claude Bailey…

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This pic was selected some weeks ago and has remained in The Vault I do not know why… in fact it is one of my favourite subjects… Bengal Lancers… British Officers… LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER… THE DRUM… GUNGA DIN… KARTHOUM … THE FOUR FEATHERS (the 1939 version or either STORM OVER THE NILE -practically the same scenes- but even the BBC version with Beau Bridges is not bad… anything but the last remake which is awful!)… etc.


It really looks like Young Winston in the foreground (working on one myself in 54mm)

Hundred Years War Pic.

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I have already explained in this blog why I do not involve myself with Dark Ages or Medieval periods… will not reiterate… but sometimes one sees a pic that deserves all his attention… look at those shields!

Wonderful painting of (I guess) 28mm.


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