HRH King Charles III

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Finally decided to change the command figure of my Trooping the Colour display.

It took me almost two years to decide.

HRH the late Queen Elizabeth II has been moved to another shelve. She is still on display, but certainly not on a central role.

Time moves on.

The new figure (a REPLICA cast) painted by me.
The new King on Parade.

2 July mid afternoon/evening/dusk

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The second day at Gettysburg saw hard fighting, it has been said that General Lee intended an envelopping attack clockwise: first Longstreet, then Hill (Anderson Division) and then Ewell.

It went like that more or less in my tabletop.

The Peach Orchard, the Whratfield and the Valley of Death were a place of hard fighting… IIIrd Corps (Union) made a gallant defense but was spent and had to retreat. Luckily for General Meade reinforcements come on in the nick of time.

Little Round Top (truly enough) went like an History book… Vincent had very good dice throws.

Anderson also did a half hearted attack (not for the real men involved I guess).

And Ewell was not at his best but nearly one Brigade went through the Union defenses… but there no fresh troops available and the Union quickly plugged the gap.

It was hard work wargaming it (so to say) SOLO… but now Dusk has fallen and the Confederate Army has not broken the Union line.

Hope you enjoy!

IIIrd Corps fight!
Anderson’s Division advance
The Center of the Union Line.
Ewell troops advance upon Culp’s Hill
The Valley of Death
Hard fighting
Little Round Top
A near breakthrough!
Dusk puts an end to hostilities…

2 July 1863 afternoon.

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At last Longstreet attacks with his two divisions. Ewell would delay his for two more hours.

As a reenactment, it proved quiet right about Hood he was wounded early in the fight… curiously the dice favoured Union III Corps and they offered an spirited fight.

The morning in Culp’s hill has been well employed entrenching the position.

The start of the fight on the souther part of the field.
Union II Corps is retreating but fighting.
On the other flank entrecnhments are done.
The Confederates are up Big Round Top.
Another view of Culp’s Hill (a very hard nut to crack).
Aerial view at mid afternoon 2 of July.

2 July morning/early afternoon before the action…

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Sickles III Corps is out “in the air” on the Union left flank… on the right flank “the fish hook” is in position because Slocum ha reinforced the position with the XII Corps.

Longstreet’s two divisions in the field (Hood and McLaws) are ending his roundabout and complicated march (because of delays and changes of direction to avoid visual detection).

All is ready fo the afternoon clash!


XII Corps has formed on the right flank.
Sickles III Corps has moved too far forward contrary to Meade’s orders.
Longstreet’s two divisions are getting in position on the extreme Confederate right (Union left)
Longstreet in detail.
general view
Meade directs Sykes V Corps to the left flank! that will frustrate the outflanking move by the Rebs but just barely!

2 July 1863 early morning.

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It took me a long time to retake the “game”… a trip and real life interfering…

All troops are on the table (even the one’s that will arrive on the third of July as there was place to put them on).

If General Lee has had the aerial perspective I got he would have been shocked by the strenght of the Union position and the numbers of the Army of the Potomac.

In the pics you have General Meade original dispositions… some will move along as per III Corps (forward) and the reinforcement of Culp’s Hill.

Seriously, once i started putting the brigades into place I realized the hopeless situation of the Confederates attacking an entrenched superior Army uphill.

Well, I love recreating those battles on the tabletop but I am getting too old and prone to anguish when I imagine the real life casualties… if you know what I mean!


Union Corps gather at Gettysburg…
Cemetery ridge full of Union troops.
Longitudinal perspective…
A hard nut to crack!

Dusk (01-07-1863)

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All the scenery has been “slided” up North to have more room for the second day.

Still under construction (thought it would be quicker!)…

Union troops concentrate in Cemetery Ridge…

Longstreet has not arrived yet… no news of Stuart.

Union troops will arrive and deploy during the night (and entrench!)


Still under construction…
Still under construction…

1st July evening.

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It has been a victory for the Confederacy… but a confused one because at brigade level there was much mismanagement and uncoordination… also at divisional level if you ask me…

Lee arrives in the field… confers with Ewell and A.P.Hill but decides to wait for Longstreet…

On the Union side, the most difficult of manoeuvres is succesful… retreat under pressure of a bigger Army… and reorganization on the high ground.

JEB Stuart still away and Lee in the dark.

Barlow’s Division gives way and retreats…
As a result all the Union line goes backwards…
The Confederates are masters of Gettysburg… but way confused after a march and a battle… they are victorious but disorganized.
The Union Ist and XI Corps retire to Cemetery Hill and Culp’s Hill (The remains of the Iron Brigade… depleted but full of fight.
General Lee (with foreign observers on his wake) arriving to Gettysburg without much knowledge about what’s in front of him.
Overall view at dusk.

1st July Afternoon.

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The solo wargame (or reenacment as I prefer to call them) is going on quite historically.

Summing up, Lee does not want a general engagement without Longstreet which is the farthest of the action.

Barlow’s Division has got a piece of high ground on the extreme Union right flank but his position is “in the air”… with lots of space empty behind him… and he is under heavy pressure.

The Union center is holding up before uncoordinated attacks.


Barlow’s Division North of Gettysburg…
Close up
Battle for McPherson’s ridge…
Iron Brigade on the first line…
The Union center…

1st July Midday.

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Buford is fighting a delaying action under heavy pressure… Reynolds has been shot by a Reb sharpshooter (leading from the front).

XI Corps is going through Gettysburg.

Ist Union Corps is going to relieve Buford’s Cavalry.

Rodes (from Ewells Corps has arrived to the North of town)

Penders is in a traffic jam behind Heth.

The Union secures the high ground on Cemetery Hill. The Second brigade from XI Corps is posted there.

Quite panoramic perspective.


Union Ist and XIth Corps are in…
XIth Corps second brigade holds Cemetery Ridge.
Passing through Gettysburg…
Ewell’s Rodes Divison arrives on the North of Gettysburg.
General view.