Napoleonic pics by New Buckenham Historical Wargamers (as seen in Facebook) Part III

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Here you have it the third Post in a row.

The dedication and quality of this wargamers deserve it in spades.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

Next one for something completely different I guess…


Just love those skies!
More Cavalry
French Chasseurs a Cheval (Line)
Artillery… the real Queen of the Battlefields…

Napoleonic pics by New Buckenham Historical Wargamers (as seen in Facebook) Part II

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Part II

The choice of pics is mine but you can see the whole collection of them in Facebook searching for New Buckenham Historical Wargamers.

Envy?… nah… I am happy wargaming SOLO in 6MM nowadays… old age has inconveniences but also some advantages… I can play for half an hour a day for as many days I want (or even longer if I wish).

Splendid uniforms in the beginning of the XIXth Century… but cannon fodder the same if you know what I mean.


massed Russian Infantry
The Cavalry charge was an obsession back then!
French 3rd Hussars!
French Infantry
The players!

Napoleonic pics by New Buckenham Historical Wargamers (as seen in Facebook) Part I

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I played Napoleonics in 25MM (MINIFIGS) for thirty years (see Post Waterloo in this present webpage).

It was fun. Specially when we played with my brother and friends when we were young.

Funnily enough we did really make a mess of it (meaning the rules we used) but one day in one of the refights… The Old Guard did put the British to flight and remained in possession of the bloody field of battle at Waterloo!

It was really hard to contemplate a “new” refight after that.

By chance in my megalomania I had Austrians and Russians too!… so we moved backwards to Aspern-Essling… LOL

Those were the days. Some are still doing it In the Grand Manner.


The great man himself…
French Infantry seen from the rear
For once lets cheer the actual players!
Really atmospheric pics!

Alan Harrison’s REPLICA Dublin’s Fusiliers!

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Casts from REPLICA are excellent… sometimes one feels privileged when they arrive… because Andrew Stevens is a busy man with a long list of customers!

Keep hoping and waiting because they are worth your time.


Frontal view
Movable arms I guess…
Back view


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Step by step guide.

Something I have tried myself quite recently… modifying ready made casts… it is fun and gratifying. I will not go as far as saying mine are “pieces uniques” but quite original sometimes!

For once this is really FUN!


Beginnig with a basic cast
Detailed comments by author!
Close Up
Left arm modification
Final result with different heads, paintjob and self printed flags!

Danish Royal Guard in winter dress (REPLICA 54MM) by Alan Harrison.

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A subject I always wanted to do (and no time at all I am afraid) I for once find much more nice the winter dress than the summer dress (Red tunic with Sky Blue trousers)… I used to have the set by Tradition of London… and Giles Brown from Dorset did a Band for me because Tradition only did Fifes and Drums.

I sold mine long ago because a reorganization of my collecting desires.

You must admit they have “allure”


Frontal view
Back view
Another view
And final.

Gettysburg Minis in 28MM

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For those tired of my 6MM ACW Collection, wargames, and pics… there you have it… Gettysburg in 28MM.

Someone must have a very very very BIG wargames table… LOL

I did that with 25mm MINIFIGS eons ago… in fact First Bull Run/First Manassas… and it was “cramped” in my wargames table…

One of the reasons I went 6MM… that and the better quality of for example BACCUS minis.


Union Infantry
USA Zouaves
CSA Infantry
CSA Cavalry
View from the Union side
Anothe view

Shelves display in a Cabinet. 54MM Toy Soldiers.

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Long long long ago I bought 54MM Toy Soldiers in a regular basis.

I did collect what was my fancy when a child, I have to admit that I was so busy that usually they come out of the box and straight into the cabinet (not much time to play when in age of working).

Nowadays retired I can display at leisure, but somehow TIME slips by and projects are very slow in coming to fruition.

I am waiting for some painted Toy Soldiers since last November (2022), also casts in 54mm too that now I paint myself (I enjoy doing that).

And some odds and ends in 6MM… including a River Nile British Gunboat thanks to the courtesy of Daniel Hodgson.

It is hard to wait for them!


RCMP Mounted and dismounted.
The late Queen Elizabeth II and some “specials” from DUCAL

Collecting 54MM Toy Soldiers.

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When you collect in 54MM… the basic scale for that… you can do it on Military Subjects or even Civilian…

But the final choice is product of a Fun attitude!

Those are from my private Collection for once… (also tomorrow’s Post).


DUCAL Royal West Kent Band
Holmes&Watson telling Lestrade they are going to take a Hansom Cab. RPWorldModels
Policeman and Medical personnel…RP.WorldModels