And more… AGW

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I have posted a lot of Scott Lesch work because it is awesome!… Does that mean that I am going to indulge in the Franco-Prussian War (1870)? NOT AT ALL!… but you must admit his production of Armies is very mice indeed!. And sometimes when awareness is down… I think of it seriously!.

The fact that every unit seems to field a “cantiniere” is non important for me… but adds a “je ne sais quoi”… LOL

AGW Franco-Prussian War Battle.
Nice Cuirassiers…
Another French side view…
I added those Prussians as an afterthought
No contest without them…
So here they are… The Second Reich would be won at the end of the campaign.

25mm Napoleonics

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Great battles is “the” Napoleonic thing to do… if I ever tempted again I’ll book a weekend at the Wargames Holiday Centre… no time to get those big Armies again… in any scale for that matter. I seriously doubt that of course, travelling is quite expensive!… lol


A big thanks to Paul Watson (I)

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Could have been called a tale of two chaps too. To begin at the beginning… due to that blasted pandemia who seems more or less in control nowadays… I was stranded in Pal at 1.660 mts over the level of the sea with nothing much to do than wait for a vaccine etc (as you all). So thanks God are my books and my Toy Soldiers Collection (in Pal I mean)… so I reordered the shelves and find a way to make place for some beauties from REPLICA. As an ex wargamer in 25mm all my British Regiments had matter of fact two colours, the Queen’s (or King’s) and the Regimental one, so I become worried because I did not have one of the Colours of the Gordon’s (Highlanders), I wrote to Andrew an email asking for 4 figures to complete my obsessions etc. Real life intervened and in June 2021 my needs were not fulfilled because a lot of real life intruded in REPLICA “WORKS”… to my disappointment by X’mas the matter was still unsolved… You see “collecting” is somewhat “complicated” it had to be the true companion of the existing one… but REPLICA could not then supply… weeks and months of frustration ensued… and a rupture of diplomatic relations too!.

Many months later I explained the case using the first pic in Facebook explaining my dire straits and asking “the world of friends” for solutions or alternatives… I was in some state of acute obsession and anguish (all that fuss for a standartbearer mind… we collectors are mad as hares).

Then, out of the blue (that is a lie he is a long stand facebook friend), Paul Watson (which is also a friend of Andrew Stevens – the REPLICA chap _) offered the perfect solution: he said he could make a cast from a mould and sent it to me from faraway Sheffield… I could not believe it!… one thing is to add likes and hearts to Posts in Facebook… and the other is getting truly involved!… of course I thanked him and after a chat on messenger… I had the idea of asking for two figures! (by then I was asking STEADFAST to send two POM-POM guns to Paul with my heartfelt thanks!… he is into Boers/British)… not everything in this world is a matter of a computer and a VISA card I am afraid… I asked for some suitable arms… and pieces and bits for me too to DORSET/IMPERIAL who sent the flags arms to Paul.

And to cut a long story short yesterday a parcel arrived in ANDORRA by post and my esldest son sent to me the pics of the contents…(see pics below) to my ever lasting surprise Paul did outsmarted me and included an Heliograph party (using the same figure with different arms) consisting of a Highland officer with binoculars, the heliograph and its operator (so two extra figures+heliograph)… nonplussed is the word!

The “problem”…

The original box from REPLICA… (and to think that the Gordon’s were added to an order as an afterthought!)

Great box from REPLICA at arrival in Pal.
Here you have it (in fact two) the elusive Ensign!
Heliograph operator

Higlander Officer with Binoculars!

Now, when my “real life” permits (a bit of a bother of surgery inflicted on me) it will be speedy recovery and painting of those chaps and to complete the collection on the cabinet thanks to Paul Watson!

Of course as colateral benefits the old Ensign would be converted in a RSM for the Gordon’s, and some Artillerymen will be added sponges and shots because REPLICA did all of them in the same stance without accesoires….lol… in due course pics will be provided by yours truly of all those modifications…

A truly satisfied collector I am. The most convoluted “operation” I ever did… lol

Hope you have enjoyed the tale. Cheers!

Here we go again!

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Excuse me if you have already seen this pic (my own for a change) 75mm Customized Playmobil (Just the headgear I guess)

Congratulations to the British. The civic attitude was paramount and those public and privately professionally involved gave a lesson on “how it is done”. There is no better example to compare. Long live the King!

This webpage would again be alive as from today with the usual business of giving you your daily ration (or dose) of Toy Soldiers. Cheers.

Paul Watson’s Band!

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Paul uses thid pic sometimes to celebrate the entrance of new members in our FaceBook site (or Group)… yes… mytoysoldiersandme … 450 members from ’round the world. I am much busy nowadays and keeping the webpage alive everyday consumes my time so I do not post a lot in FaceBook… but other members do so regularly!

A great hobby!

This is not an usual subject so… enjoy!

Imaginary Nations

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As seen in Facebook… group A Gentleman’s War of course!… delightful pics all round. Have had the rules for a long time (Howard Whitehouse) but never played a game with them… maybe in the not so distant future… but using Playmobil figures. You need etc…

A Close Up
Michael “the black” commander of the Streslau Army (John Clarke)

Another Knight’s Group.

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It is a bit funny I keep been impressed by those pics of Knight’s (and men-at-arms) because (also) I never indulged that particular warrior period (among many others)… in this case I learned too soon that for everyone of your lovely pageantry Knight clad figures you had to paint 10 not so decorative men-at-arms and a hundred peasants (scruffy if you please!) or bilmen or archers or whatever lesser folks… that put me off. It is really funny how the mind of a wargamer works… you need all sorts you know. Enjoy.

As always seen in Facebook

Spencer Smith’s

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I did never got into them in my wargaming period… and still I love them… so this is a kind of tribute to them and those who followed the path of wargaming a la Charles Grant (father and son… the grandson seems more WWII inclined)

Excellent pic. Enjoy

Have not a single one… but they really look great!

That is an exception

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I am afraid I did not keep the references of the pic (because I doubted to include it in the webpage)… You see I put the foot down at 1900… I guess as an european I do not like to be reminded of the first (Europe’s Imperial Suicide) WWI or the second (WWII) much more global if you ask me… and full of horrors too hard to digest. I do not like “modern war”… airplanes bombing civilians… mustard gas… V1 or V2… you have your choice pick it yourselves… I do respect the courage of the common foot soldiers involved of course (I am not callous)… but count me out… not even in boardgames.

So, as you need all sorts (as I keep reminding you) I would firmly stay in an era of shiny Toy Soldiers (preferably with gaudy uniforms and officer’s leading from the front)… my only Khaki exception is the second Anglo-Afghan War, but that is what it is… an exception! (wily Afghans are too good long shooters for gaudy uniforms…).

A day of exceptions today!

WWI vignette using Toy Soldiers