Lost Pic!

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Sometimes Murphy is right!… I have intended to post this pic for days… and never found where the hell I kept it in the Vault… Today so help me God… I have done three posts instead of one… due to me accidentally found it by pure chance…


I simply lost this pic inside “the Vault”… been searching for it days and days! Just my kind of thing (something by James Opie I think but not sure)

Bowley’s Own

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There seems to be a lot of Prussians lately… but that’s what it is… sometimes wargamers do have to follow a fashion no matter what (me included). Prussia had a span of 30 years before integrating Great Germany after 1870… and still… they are very popular (as anything before WWI and WWII)… LOL


A lot of Prussians advancing…
The French opposition!

Building up DORKING… (I)

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The battle of Dorking is the fundamental or quintessential scare of the XIXth Century in Britain, based on the book namesake after 1870… the Prussian Army concerned a lot of the fears on the Island (silly without a Navy who could slip the Royal Navy at all of course!)… but the scenarios you can build around the them are FUN!

I am currently waiting for three parcels to arrive to complete the small units I need to play them. The British are finished but the Prussians lack Cavalry and some “touchs”.


Basic Prussian unit (still in process)
Another one…
Still organizing those…two units that with a simple change of hat become French Foreign Legion… LOL
Above the British… below the slow building of the Prussians…