Ship (for Playmobils) AESCLICK SPAIN.

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From time to time I can not refrain of showing some Playmobil Dioramas… this is peculiar because of the fantastic ship (scratchbuilt I guess)… some details maybe a bit awkward but the result is IMHO magnificent!

It must have been hours of work… and how the figures blend in is truly awesome… probably difficult to “play with” because of the sheer dimensions of it… but I just loved the pics when I saw it in Facebook.

Talk about HMS SURPRISE and Aubrey/Maturin saga.


General view of the Diorama
General view of the hull.
Another detail
Master and Commander (LOL)
Close up.

Diorama in a small base.

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Not my thing at all (personally) but I know quality when I see it. That bloody part of the late XIXth Century whem the European Powers (all of them) expanded “civilization” and “commerce”… all round the world… globalization at the point of the bayonet!

Masterful Military Modeling if you please!

In this case French troops.


Very good “composition” if you ask me…

The Sudan at the WHC (Wargames Holiday Centre).

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The Wargames Holiday Centre has been one of my obsessions for a long time (as you know I post pics from Mark Freeth many times per year), have probably passed the age to book a reservation myself, the idea to wargame with perfect strangers does not appeal to me in the least… and the only possibility remaining is the retirement of my brother from business… but as we have an age gap of ten years… when he will retire I would be too old or dead (LOL)… and then real life gets always in the middle of those chimerical projects…

Enjoy the Sudan! (IMHO there is nothing to enjoy there but… you need all sorts!)

Camel Corps and Naval Brigade (28mm)
Dervishes (very brave men IMHO)
One of those “thin red lines tipped with steel” (Crimean comment)
The clash (or melee)… if it comes to that things can get nasty!
Another view
A pic that smacks of or smells a lot like THE FOUR FEATHERS (1939 version of course)
I just love paddle steamers! (only on The Nile)…

Riesig’s Own.

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What about something different today? I was feeling adventurous somehow… I guess they are semiflat figures that have an appeal of their own (and always look better from the side pics)… excellent flag BTW. French troops if you ask me. And I forgot to say… Prince August (they sell moulds too!)… with some additions from Front Rank!… and, of course, 40mm scale!


It smacks of Barry Lyndon’s times (or even earlier)
Great painting job!… semiflats?

Gettysburg in 6mm.

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The scale that actually I use for wargaming (mainly the ACW with Baccus minis)… not my minis at all in the pic… seen in Facebook (they look like Adler).

They are cheap, easy to paint, have mass appeal and room to manoeuvre… you must not be “cheap” though… if you need bases for dismounted cavalry make them… Buford’s cavalry on the left seem a bit ludicrous mounted… but that is only me been pricky.


Gettysburg in 6mm

REPLICA comes back with an orgy of redcoats!

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The long awaited return of REPLICA is here!… and this set from the owner is very similar (enhanced by a lot more of figures for the pic) to a commission from the National Army Museum (UK).

What else can I say?


A very similar composition is now at the National Army Museum… courtesy of REPLICA!
Another view of the decorations to Royal Fusiliers!
They look very similar but the details are important!
My own work would never be in a Museum… but I love that some figures in my collection are from Andrew Stevens from REPLICA!

Back in the Saddle!

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Me, returning from a short trip… in fact so short that I did not take the portable computer with me (it is portable but heavy!)… well, it is not only me who is back in the saddle again!… REPLICA METAL SOLDIERS (read Andrew Stevens) has proudly announced in FaceBook that it is taking orders again!… from today!… now if you love Britain’s style figures in 54mm what are you waiting for?… I have already placed a small order just in case!

60mm those… and quite right!
The basis of my order of today to REPLICA!

Third and last Post of today!

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Directly from my Vault (as captured in Facebook)… There are Collectors that keep their figures in the original boxes without even once sort them from the rubber ties… to each its own way of collecting and enjoying the hobby!

It certainly it is not mine.


Hiriart do lovely Toy Soldiers (or did I do not know if the company still produces those marvels).