28mm Perrys’es (?)

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From my vault… have found a pic I kept to show how well painted are 28mm today (not as a rule of course)… in fact the fashion is to have more detail painted on them than on the steadfast Toy Soldier of yore… all in name of realism of course!… as if “pushing tin” is real… LOL

I am not heretic of course and to each his own, but it was one of the things that put me out of that scale (a part from the lack of room etc).

A very inspiring example. Enjoy

I guess they are Perry… and a good paintjob!

A Wargame the good old way!

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There was a time I did just that (see elsewhere in this webpage) amassed hundreds of Minifigs which I did paint myself laboriously and at the end of it I gloriously wargamed Waterloo with my younger brother!… those were the days I am afraid… I got a big crisis in regard of the scale and the table needed and sold them all (they live in Switzerland nowadays). I thought that my wargaming days were ended… and somehow they were… I still collect but not much of my time in the hobby is employed in wargaming at all… I do collect wargames minis in 6mm and have a lot of mega-scenarios in my head… but only in my head… I do not know if I ever will put them to practice anymore…

Wargame as good as they come…

6 mm

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You will excuse the featureless terrain… but the Afghan plain is “plain”. The object of the pic is to show you one of the most important bonus of 6mm (God’s Own Scale they say) no secure flanks… room to manoeuvre… and a sense of space and shooting distances you do not have on the bigger scales (of course you can. paint more detail in 10,15,28mm you name it) but I love the sense of proportion (an urbanist by academic formation I like the smaller scales matter of fact). Just to make you think a bit about where wargaming is going nowadays… for better or for worse…

Maiwand in 6mm

And more… AGW

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I have posted a lot of Scott Lesch work because it is awesome!… Does that mean that I am going to indulge in the Franco-Prussian War (1870)? NOT AT ALL!… but you must admit his production of Armies is very mice indeed!. And sometimes when awareness is down… I think of it seriously!.

The fact that every unit seems to field a “cantiniere” is non important for me… but adds a “je ne sais quoi”… LOL

AGW Franco-Prussian War Battle.
Nice Cuirassiers…
Another French side view…
I added those Prussians as an afterthought
No contest without them…
So here they are… The Second Reich would be won at the end of the campaign.

25mm Napoleonics

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Great battles is “the” Napoleonic thing to do… if I ever tempted again I’ll book a weekend at the Wargames Holiday Centre… no time to get those big Armies again… in any scale for that matter. I seriously doubt that of course, travelling is quite expensive!… lol


Spencer Smith’s

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I did never got into them in my wargaming period… and still I love them… so this is a kind of tribute to them and those who followed the path of wargaming a la Charles Grant (father and son… the grandson seems more WWII inclined)

Excellent pic. Enjoy

Have not a single one… but they really look great!

John Firth’s Own (II)

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Lets have some cavalry from the same author.

Really you can field exotic uniforms of Yeomanry and Volunteers that way, curiously enough THE BATTLE OF DORKING intended as a “depressing and alerting” book is somehow revered by the wargames fraternity as an opportunity to turn the tables on the willy foe! (You need all sorts you know…)

Fancy uniforms… the stuff of ZENDA!
And again…

Maybe some more tomorrow. Enjoy.

British Napoleonics 28mm

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My first love when I discovered metal soldiers was the Waterloo battle (see elsewhere in this same web page), then I was convinced that it was a British/French affair (lol)… much later I discovered the King’s German Legion, The Hanoverians, The Dutch&Belgian, the Nassauers and of course the Prussians! (LOL). It was a long journey… and now at seventy I know that the main pleasure was in the “journey”… all those years buying books, reading about it, checking (and double-checking ) my Armies compositions etc etc etc.

It was a great hobby, and I was entertained for more or around thirty years by it!… I have no regrets. But I must comment that one of the things that put me out of it was when the “finish of the painting job” become Military Modeling like!… I have nothing against it mind… but in my mind the point was not there, the pic of today shows what can be achieved in that scale (and inferiors too) by extremely good painters. Transforming a wargames unit (I must admit I was more Toy Soldier focused) in a mini diorama. You need all sorts you know!… Suddenly my painfully researched and balanced Waterloo Armies looked as “past” as a British Two Seater if you know what I mean (my other hobby been cars). So I quitted.

Military Modeling like minis…

Not wargaming mind, I still have the thrills!, but you’ll need a magnifying glass to see my 6mm ACW paintjobs! (lol again)… seriously even having a permanent quite big table (see elsewhere in the webpage) I love to have more “room to manoeuvre”… “no secure flanks”… and “lines of supply”… I understand perfectly the trend to downsize the minis and have more fun with the game itself. Now I simply collect in the traditional 54mm scale (as I have always done), display them on cabinets ad hoc… and wargame in 6mm.

Mind, I still love those units as the pic of today shows but my time for them has passed away, nor I have the room to field them, nor the funds or time to get them “right” (I have abstained to enter in the argument of “parade look” versus “campaign look” on purpose… I always preferred the former…).

So, without much more to say today… I will let you ponder on it. Enjoy.

Der Alte Fritz minis (again)

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One of the successes of “Imperial” forces (not exclusive of the British Empire) is the raising, training and correctly use of “auxiliaries” or “allies”… good logistics and financing needed… in the end Empires crumble by financial overstretched reasons (and yes corruption too).

Lovely pic. Enjoy.

Sudanese and Egyptian Infantry 54mm