Trying my hand at 6MM proxies (V) Baccus slightly modified.

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Well, glued in place for a start!

Only a matter of adding texture to the stands and pop goes the whistle!

It has been a long project with delays fault of the Postal services!… I have learned a lot about that by now. If I ever do a project again in 6MM (Do it Myself I mean) I would have to order quite ahead of the time of implementation.

Now the Brigade of Guards in the Crimea is finally on its last stages… of course the flags will help a lot!

Will keep you posted when finished properly!


Scots Fusiliers (Queen Victoria’s pets)… no plume!
Working in many things at the same time of course!

Perry Miniatures Peninsula Wargame. 28MM (French side)

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The Peninsular War was not one of Napoleon’s brightest ideas… veterans misused… young recruits wasted… and they only conquered the soil under their feet.

A Big Army starves… and Small Army is defeated. This was coined specially for the Iberian peninsula.

Perry Miniatures are the best in 28MM in my humble opinion… or among the very best… there are so many good quality makers nowadays…


Lateral view
Dragoons in reserve
Great pic.
The idea of wearing greatcoats in the Peninsula seems a bit farfetched… but collections are collections… and you use them all.

Perry Miniatures Peninsula Wargame. 28MM (British side)

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The British (and Portuguese Allies) Peninsular Campaign was a mastery use of what was later called “The Indirect Approach”.

Wargamers much concentrated on the gaming side of the hobby should read a lot about the smallness of the British Army… and how well handed it was by the Duke of Wellington.

If his Indian Campaigns were masterfully handed, in the Peninsula up to the battle of Toulouse (in French soil and sadly fought for nothing because Napoleon had abdicated days before…) he did nothing wrong (well, Burgos was a check) retired when he had to, advanced when it was the moment… the Spanish did not like at all to be invaded twice by foreign Armies… but cooperated with Wellington more or less successfully… their time of past glory long gone in time…

Enjoy the pics!

British in line
It is an “L” deployment
Titled “the second battle of Ciudad Rodrigo”

Rorke’s Drift in 6MM (LEVEN MODEL) built and painted by Daniel Hodgson!

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Daniel has always done my real state pieces in 6MM… I was surprised when he got a permanent job with a company of wargaming items… but thankfully REVEILLE is poerating again for buildings and scenery!

Yo can not go wrong with him!


Aerial view
The last redoubt detail
Another view
The base is a A4 standard size by PENDRAKEN!

Sudanese Colonial Troops. British Bulldog Series by Roberto Lodoli. 54MM.

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I have a passion for colonial affairs in my fantasy world (because In the real world I think Imperialism was wrong… mind probably inevitable in context and I mean historically… but definitely wrong on the whole approach of white man supremacy… LOL… I do not know why I have to include my private opinions in this Blog at all!)… pros and cons aside… there was colourful troops and little actions who deserve attention if you are a wargamer in 54MM or whatever scale.

Find this setting and troops delightful even if some need a bit of repair (that prone figure with broken rifle hurts my eyes).


Nice setting
Some are battered
Need to repair that rifle
Good Warriors
Final view,

River Nile Gunboat 6MM. By Daniel Hodgson.

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It took time… a lot of time… but finally in my collection!

I pestered Daniel in Facebook for so long I was lucky the range of his guns did not reach ANDORRA!… LOL

Seriously, I have admired his work for years, and 99% of my real state ACW buildings in 6MM are from him (meaning LEVEN and BACCUS but painted by him).

Occasionally he even did some 6MM minis for me.

But that Gunboat is a masterpiece!… I am unable to scratch build one to be sure… not even copying the present one… so be it… my OMDURMAN project is finally “complete” (if that notion exists at all).

Many thanks Daniel.


Not much words needed.
Another view.
Frontal view.
Rear view.