Toy Soldiers…

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Bowley’s Own. Marching on to the front… as seen in Facebook.

Those table pics are quite simple you must think… but they have a charm of their own… out of focus?… a bit… bad lightning?… must be early dawn of course!… Quite a “simple” setting… minimalist you should say… but excellent scenery nevertheless (quality instead of quantity)… I am always deeply moved by them… so here you have them. Enjoy.

A Gentleman’s War

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Aerial view of “IT”

Old School Wargaming (as seen in Facebook). Quite charming and anything pre-WWI has my endorsement in the Toy Soldier field. As you know 1900 is an special limit for me. I am quite a realist and read my papers and watch CNN etc everyday… but everyday real life has nothing to do with my hobby. You can call me Post-romantic but I have my feet on the floor nevertheless. Found those schematic buildings part of the charm of it.

Waterloo day…

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Poor chaps… their time had passed… they ended in an epic manner… but nevertheless 1805 was ten years away…

It is a curious thing (since I started this web page or Blog or whatever) that my obsession for thirty years (yes it was the Waterloo battle) reflected in the post MINIFIGS, Napoleon or Waterloo… is one with the less hits of all the manifold… strange I thought it would be popular… maybe its overexposed and overknown… well… it still surprises me… the time and energy I spent painting those hundreds of Anglo-Allied, French and Prussians WAS FUN!… so no complains at all… it simply puzzles me.

Seen in Facebook seconds ago…

ACW (in a club)

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I do not think they are 15mm but all is posible nowadays (seen in Facebook)

ACW in large scale (at least they look like 25/28mm to me) is better suited to big tables and multiplayer wargaming. I am all for it… but as you know I live on the back of beyond… so it is solo wargaming in 6mm for me!