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I guess they must be MIGNOT… but not a 100% sure about it!

Starting to work on a list for REPLICA and. IMPERIAL/DORSET (yes at the same time)… finally decided to adapt my 54mm “action” Toy Soldiers to AGW units… not much fuss at all… but 12 is the magic number for Infantry units! Thankfully Cavalry and Artillery are already OK. I will slightly tweak a bit the rules because I am like that… and the set encourages to do so.

A big thanks to Paul Watson (II)

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It has been a long time since I painted myself a 54mm miniature!… but here we are (well… me) doing it as if time had not passed by. The Heliograph party (2 figures) and the Regimental Colour of the Gordon’s coming quite nicely using Andrew’s Toy Soldiers as a very useful guide! On the pure painting side I am using too many tricks nowadays… old Humbrol enamels (not dried up), Vallejo I guess and Poska markers… and in the end Gloss finish to be sure!

On my last edited entry on the subject if all goes to plan you will see the final version nowadays still pending gloss varnish of course!

I do found more and more difficult to show my own pet subjects by fear of being boring and tiresome, you must understand that collectors and wargamers are in a state of constant doubt, what will I do next?, do I buy this or that (evidently enough budgets have limits), painted or unpainted (that means I will have to paint myself!)… is what I want available?… or affordable?… it is quite more complicated than you think… and my mind juggles and jumps from one option to another several times a day! Once a decision taken one goes to considerable pains to get the goal, sometimes considerably annoying everyone whom has items commercially available… more or less.

The actual three “new” additions on the foreground

Enjoy your hobby.

Close up of the group used to work the results.
Work in progress…
A week before…
Same as above…
Working place… if that qualifies as work… which I doubt!

REPLICA (or Andrew) is BACK!

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I woke up today and for the life of me I could not remember what I intended to post today!… to my delightful surprise I stumbled in a post from Andrew at REPLICA… and here you have a choice of pics (there are more on Facebook in the group mytoysoldiersandme). Damn good news… I hope he is back in the saddle again for keeps… Enjoy!

A fine General! (with ADC)
Exotic uniforms…

Massimo Vittucci’s Own

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Found this pics as a colateral thing in Facebook… posted by another Italian collector (Stefano Allorini)… it took me pains to find again… so I quickly post them today!… because once I found them I could not wait to post them here!

A lifelong collection I guess, fantastic job.

Wonderful Cabinet!
Seven years war
More Sudan
Love the Castle!
Maybe the classic part of it!

Another one…by Stefano Allorini!

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I forgot this pic on my “vault of pics” and it deserves to be published here… must find the author!… have already asked the question in facebook…

Stefano Allorini!… thanks to friend Mike Niederman in Facebook for the information!… and see more pics!

I love those collections!
Love those Pipers with pith helmet!
And wonderful lancers!

Alan Green’s Own

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This is a magnificent example of what a collection of Toy Soldiers is, pics by the owner on Facebook (look for the group mytoysoldiersandme). A clarification is needed, when I titled this web page MY TOY SOLDIERS AND ME the idea was to include under this umbrella all fans of collecting toy soldiers whatever the size, style or purpose, so the “MY” refers to “YOUR” figures not at all exclusively mine at all if you follow me. What is more, I usually abstain of repeating myself ad nauseam posting well known pics of my toy soldiers (even if I do from time to time to illustrate a point). So this is why you see wargaming minis in all scales, pure toy soldiers (vintage and “new”) and military modeling figures in many scales. Hope that makes it clear! Enjoy

By The Way… I am more of the school of black dot effect for the eyes of mine!… but the work in the eyes of the figures by Mr. Green is superbly detailed (a steady hand you need for that)

I love more this kind of painting “eyes”.
Also that one! but it is quite difficult!
Another example!
We love the same period…
And last but not least… more “exotic” units… excellent!


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That was that at the beginning of the hobby a wee box of shiny soldiers… much later they would lose that shine (see the Artillery)… but not their charm at all.

So many of us started like this! Enjoy.

Mountain Artillery… vintage 100%
Not so old… but some years on too!

Traditional?… Maybe YES!

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It looks old fashioned I agree but I personally find delightful… I could indulge in it myself because I have enough 54mm Toy Soldiers to do it properly BUT… the idea of an scenario FASHODA like incident pitting British against French is complicated… first I would have to move the figures from its present place to Andorra la Vella… and then… once done (not so easy task if you are a maniatic like me to avoid chipping of the paintjobs) it means I would have to reorganize the minis in the cabinets yet again!… NOT sure at all… better stick to 6mm in Andorra la Vella and keep the 54mm collection in Pal.

Yesterday I started painting the 4 figures provided by Paul Watson… doubts about posting the process or limit myself to the finished job… nagging doubts!

Nice proportions…

And more… AGW

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I have posted a lot of Scott Lesch work because it is awesome!… Does that mean that I am going to indulge in the Franco-Prussian War (1870)? NOT AT ALL!… but you must admit his production of Armies is very mice indeed!. And sometimes when awareness is down… I think of it seriously!.

The fact that every unit seems to field a “cantiniere” is non important for me… but adds a “je ne sais quoi”… LOL

AGW Franco-Prussian War Battle.
Nice Cuirassiers…
Another French side view…
I added those Prussians as an afterthought
No contest without them…
So here they are… The Second Reich would be won at the end of the campaign.