Somehow we all have projects on standby…

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Early nineties collectors club Britains metal figures in 54mm… and REPLICA casts converted (a bit) and painted by myself…

I honestly do not know if to complete the US Cavalry set from She Wore a Yellow Ribbon or not…

On the contrary once Antony Spencer from Dorset sends my order end of June I will get the missing drummer… and much needed French Foes (in real life it was the years of “Entente Cordiale”) because they are naturally the best of enemies…

So, Dorking (it won’t even be called Dorking at all you know) would involve a fictional second half of the XIXth Century engagement between French and British forces… still not decided if it would be a Calais invasion by the Brits… or a Dover one by the French… musing on it!


They have nothing in common… but my fancy!

And the last change of facings done ( (V and last)

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This post ends the series of repairs and refections (including change of facings on two units) of my compulsive sentimental buys in… authentic Britains (from the early nineties… time really flashes by)… very good state of conservation (minor chipping of paint etc).

I am through but varnishing which I will do end of March.


Unit with white facings lacking a drummer

Another unit (Yellow facings) (IV)

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ok, I repainted collar and cuffs in yellow to have a different unit (they are now ex-Sherwood Foresters… I use the 12 minis (or figures) organization suggested in the ruleset A GENTLEMAN’S WAR (even if I do not abide my games with them… always do my own thing as you know)… mext and last would be with white facings.


Toy Soldier buying experiences on (II)

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Sellers and postage etc went without a hitch… tip top all the way! (I clarify this because I forgot to mention). Kudos to them.

You see I was busy at the beginning of the 90’s and did not notice at all when William Britains did those soldiers in 54MM… Busy working on my real life and not much time for the hobby in that “fighting stances scale”… after a deep crisis with wargaming in 25/28MM (which caused the collection to be sold) I was going into 6MM wargaming (still are and satisfied of my decision) but indulging in Playmobils Hard Plastic 75MM… I still collected in 54MM but quite display and ceremonial sets (still have them no fear).

The acquisition of the book A GENTLEMAN’S WAR provoked an interest on wargaming in 54MM a la Wells (very old classic stuff) and I decided to reshuffle my collection. The French (mainly French Foreign Legion were transported to Andorra la Vella and left Pal forever… so did the Second Afghan War Replica Collection… and then I completed those sets (still at it mind) to play my FASHODA went wrong scenario… pitching one against the other… a part of playing them solo in colonial semi-historical more correctly.

Then one day Andrew Stevenson published a pic of his units in full SIMKIN uniforms splendid array… and I was hooked… so I am now building a purely DORKING scenario British Army. BUT no Prussians at all… the French will do the trick again! (being the “enemy” I mean).

The tribulations of a loony collector should have titled this post!

And of course 30 years later you need to search for them on ebay!

Guards should be on the right of the line but I was in a hurry!
Yes those are the Guards but I finally added the white frontal stripe.
Those are the buys… read the text for more detail.
The “oversized drummer will go out” to another cabinet… a miss…
In the process of exchanging “colours”…no way I am going to field two Union Jacks…
Third and last unit (have to paint new facings) at least the drummer is the right proportion.
See the difference?… even the base is too “tall” on the big drummer… part of a Band set I guess….
The changing of the arm was easy and swift the second time… the first one still shows the stress of the first conversion.

Toy Soldier buying experiences on (quite recently). (I)

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It must be my age, I am getting less and less “patient” if you know what that means. On the other hand I am becoming more and more of a “patient” of a bunch of doctors (not many quacks so far).

All of that because perusing (sorry “navigating”) one recent day I discovered a bunch of 54MM Sherwood Foresters Britains of the late 90ยดs… it said I could make an offer… I did (could not restrain myself)… and what the hell!… whoever it was accepted it!… OK… Paypayled him/her and some days later (quite quick!) I got a marvelously packed parcel (thanks for that) with the goods (see first pic).

Of course being a silly ass (read collector) I could not restrain myself (again) and had to complete the set as to get 12 figures units for A Gentleman’s War (a set of rules I have never used yet… but looks good in a way)… so I started BUYITNOW the items i needed (first to make two units… then three… I got a bit carried away)…

So here I am waiting for the little parcels of two soldiers each to arrive and in the meantime modeling a bit because (YES!) I could not restrain myself!… so I changed the arm and flag of the standard bearer.

Will edit or Post a new one when things look “organized”.


PS: I have been very busy deleting a lot of “old Posts” with maybe no real interest (to me).

The first “bunch” was got at a very fair price!
There I am gluing my fingers to bits and pieces again!

Happy New Year 2024!… and a bit of a retrospective 2023… a brief summary!

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There you have it… a collection of pics is better than a long text… this is what I did in 2023… from bottom to top chronologically I am afraid!

I enjoyed the lot of projects. Some come out of nowhere… some were convoluted… some straightforward…

How the mind wanders in a year… seriously considering selling my Playmobil Collection on Ebay nowadays… lack of interest by my grandchildren… and need of space… that happens…

Hope you enjoy my recollections!

Finally varnished, dry, and ready to play!
Command Group detail!
lanyard corrected!
A nice little collection in Khaki…

I do not remember if I did that on 2023… but probably!
My only 42MM soldier!
Union Cavalry in 6mm (Baccus)
6MM Nile Gunboat (Daniel Hodgson REVEILLE production)
Rorke’s Drift in 6MM (Baccus Minis and Leven Buildings)
My avatar in 75mm.
The Charge of the Heavy Brigade (Crimea 1854) 6mm Baccus Proxies!
Repainted central Toy Soldier (substitution in the collection)
The finished Brigade of Guards Crimea 1854 (Baccus Proxies and a lot of work involved!)
The “NEW” additions (Lt. Chard and Lt. Bromhead) in their proper place. DORSET SOLDIERS.
Display of finished units!
Staff Car and Motorcycles escort!
Chard and Bromhead
XIXth Corps d’Afrique (French) in 54MM… now complete.
Confederates in 6MM (Baccus)
The whole Heavy Brigade (Crimea) 6MM Baccus proxies.
My ANTIETAM/SHARPSBURG Wargame 6MM Baccus (At the end of the game)
Another view.
Playmobils 75MM… seriously considering selling my collection of them in 2024!
Saganne in 54mm Dorset Soldiers casting painted by me…
Nathan Brittles last patrol in 6MM Baccus Proxies (Pony Wars and a scratchbuild Olivia Dandridge aka Joanne Dru).
I did this “conversion” for a W.S.Churchill at OMDURMAN…. Dorset Soldiers cast!

French Foreign Legion by Dorset Soldiers waiting Varnish (Gloss of course!)
PLAYMOBIL customized by me NWMP.
Last but not least!… this is what I remember… (fondly).

My last Three Mounted 54MM Toy Soldiers (REPLICA CASTS).

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I am getting older for all that. But for a last effort in 54MM they are not so bad… after all they ARE Toy Soldiers!

Next would be basing some 6mm Baccus 24th Colonial Zulu Wars Infantry and then to the wargames table.

I always seem to think I have finished my collection (in the sense that I won’t paint anymore excepting maintenance…)

Collecting already painted boxes of Toy Soldiers still goes on. And my orders for 2024 are done, sent and agreed upon… so in due time in the next months they would appear here.

Also plan to post some pics of the excellent work of Antony Spencer from Dorset Soldiers and Andrew Stevenson from REPLICA METAL MODEL SOLDIERS.


PS: YES! they still lack the gloss varnish but I always wait about a week to do that… a lesson learned in 25mm (silver and gold colors tend to wash all over if not properly dried!)

From left to right: Scot Guards Brigadier (VC); HRH King Charles III; and last but not least W.S.Churchill as a 4th Hussar.
Another view.