Alan Harrison’s work of repair…

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He bought this set on EBay for 9 GBP (without officer and gun) and he stripped-repaired-repainted.

Wish I was so confident on EBay… I have bought things during the pandemia that never arrived… and when I claimed my money I was not refunded… so it is out for me nowadays… on the contrary I wish I could visit flea-markets or Boot-Sales to find old toy soldiers (no one wants anymore) as a lot of my friends in FaceBook seem able to do!


Head of the Unit
Lateral view.
Full set.
The other side.
Nice overall pic.
Officer view.

Steve Snark’s Own Old Way. 54MM Classic wargame.

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It is a Boer war game. I put a stop on my own wargaming just before that. But it is impressive in a way.

Britain’s (it has been said before) never developed a proper ACW lot of figures, the majority were Boer Wars minis painted differently. Probably an exaggeration but with some truth in it…

I am sure Paul Watson appreciates!


Simple but effective.
Look at the mounted General!
Line troops
Machine Gun!
Full Perspective

Scott Lesch’s Own Battle of Puebla (First) Franco-Mexican War 1862.

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Those 54mm by Scott are always stirring toy soldiers!… Do not tell me the subject is well known!

Exotic to say the least!

Napoleon’s III intervention in Mexico (Because the Mexicans were not paying their international debt!)… follow the money!

Wonderful Toy Soldiers!


French Attack!
Mexican Lancers!
Mexican Army Line
French Artillery.
French Elan!

Playing with Toy Soldiers (Gavin Holliday’s Own) part III

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Already another Post is in Facebook… do not know if I will publish here… do not know why the more the number of Posts on a subject the less Hits it gets… I guess the majority likes “something new all the time”.


I do what I can really!


The Cavalry goes on reconnaissance…
Hussars… or Light Cavalry…
Small number commanded by a NCO.

Cavalry on the plains (II) Little Big Horn.

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Dave Mitchell’s Own as seen in Facebook…

OK it is a Little Big Horn diorama… but that is probably the peak of the Plains Indian Wars… have read a lot of books about it and not the wiser about “How”… “Where” “When” “Why” and “Whom” is pretty clear I guess.

The precise movements and actions of Custer’s Battalion and HQ (Cos C,E,F,I & L) are still a matter of debate today… because there were not survivors… the situation of the corps of the deceased or massacred gives some hints of where they died… but not the order of the deaths.

Here you are… you seemed to like the last Post about it…


Looks like Little Big Horn…
Of course it is…
Excellent diorama
A lot of work there…
Not mere collecting…

Cavalry on the plains. (I)

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U.S. Cavalry has always been a cherished subject since childhood… those John Ford movies did an everlasting work!

I saw this on Facebook (by Dave Mitchell) the other day and thought maybe change a little from Antietam in 6mm (You all must be tired of the subject by now!).



I know it is Custer’s 7th
Spectacular fall…
Another view…