Dorset/Imperial “new” castings.

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I have a lot of ideas and pics to post this days… but those arrived yesterday and have got priority no matter what… My FFL order to complete an Army is underway and in good hands… simply ask Antony!… he will deliver… this is as silly as commending a good Restaurant… afterwards no way to book a table for you!… but he deserves it in spades… ask Scott Lesch if in doubt!

Hope you enjoy the pics as much as I do.

FFL bugler charging!
Another view of the same figure!
FFL ensign or standard bearer charging!
FFL Officer charging on foot!

Castings from DORSET/IMPERIAL (again)

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I must say all this posts are against my own interests… my orders get delayed and delayed because new orders arrive daily at DORSET/IMPERIAL HQ’s… LOL but I must admit they deserve “the plug”… those lovely figures once painted would be proud pieces of a collector… no doubt about that… in the meantime I guess I would have to email Antony asking what about mine? LOL (again)… now seriously one must be patient dealing with the world of conversions and Toy Soldiers “a la carte”… it is not the same to ask for ready made sets than to ask for special pieces… this take time… but the results are worth the wait!


A Dorset/Imperial Conversion for a german customer…
Other conversions using the same basic body…

Good Old Wargaming

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No it is not The Crimean War… by the presence of some Portuguese it must be Peninsular War… as seen in Facebook… and kept in the Vault… for the size of the red dice surely 28mm (in those days of yore just “big” 25mm) and I’ll risk Peter Gilder’s Connoisseur range… but I can be mistaken you know…

The thin red line tipped with steel…


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How the glory fades with time… for nearly two centuries Spanish Infantry was the undisputed ruler of the European battlefields… not that many remember that at all mind…

Economical ruin, lack of manpower, corruption… you name it… the conclusion of all Empires…

Excellent pic nonetheless.


Spanish Tercio (maybe by F. Thau but not sure) it lacks the arquebusiers on front and flanks but that would be asking too much I guess…

Visiting an Exposition

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A forgotten pic on the vault… I also forgot who was the gentleman who took the pic… but you get the idea… there are still places where the hobby is taken seriously and they dedicate space and cabinets to show beautiful collections… so… not all is lost!


The chap who posted this in Facebook had a lovely day at a museum of Toy Soldiers

Paul’s Own Gordon’s

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It is not always that you can show the result of direct influence (not that I consider myself an influencer at all!) but it is funny to know Paul Watson built a unit of Highlanders as a result of lending a hand to a desperate chap (myself).


Paul’s Own

As a bonus, because too much Gordon’s lately another couple of pics about vintage figures and where the Gordon’s fought too!… Just an alignment of planets I guess…

Vintage figures
Good old wargaming!