Collector at Work! or Dorking (II)

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That’s part of the fun… on the wargames table a big mess of spare parts boxes of Playmobil and freshly done units for wargaming in that scale (75mm) in a simpler variant of A GENTLEMAN’S WAR… not only happy to do DORKING… my convoluted mind has designed an alternative scenario post-Dorking… with Queen Victoria in her Windsor Castle protected by The British Guards (foot, horse and RHA) and a Prussian Corps detached from the main Army to capture the Empress in a coup de main!… LOL

This is the main fun… devising plots and scenarios to use the troops. Prussian Cavalry and Artillery already done… and even that pesky ADC Rupert of Hentzau!

Will give you some pics of units finished and ready to go… but still no complete pic… needs time… needs time…


Wargames Room used as atelier…
French Foreign Legion soldiers with a change of headgear… Prussian Volunteers in a minute!
Prussian Line Infantry
Prussian Guards
The Count of Hentzau!

Graham Hilditch’s Band!

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No Band of Brothers I guess… but a tour de force! doing or printing in 3D those instruments in 42mm is an small wonder. Congratulations on a job well done!


Britains style B scale Cheshire Regiment band. As Britains never made smaller scale 42mm band figures, these are all converts and homecasts. Musical instruments in this scale were difficult to source. Some are scratch made and others 3D printed.


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My first post of 2023… well… I guess it would be a continuation of a theme… a la Oliver Curwood (if you know who he is)… as a child I was fascinated by the North West Mounted Police… and recently got the sledge I was waiting for… so here it is… on the trail up North!


An eskimo guide
opens the trail for the NWMP
Close up!

Maybe my first Toy Figure…

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Vaguely 54mm, all in rubber/cautxuc… more than 65 years old (the figure… me going on 71… so it probably is nearly 70!… lol)… Original state and paint… paint that obviously peeled off from a non rigid material… played with by at least three generations consecutively and rescued before going to the bin… I used to make him run obstacles and tracks on the sheets of my bed… do not know how he survived so many crashes!… I remember having at least two of them… but also French Gendarmes by Norev (rubber too) and one in Aluminium (Quiralu?) the last two were with sidecar and had very “funny” figures on them.

A nostalgic way to close a forgettable year… hope the next is best!

Policeman on a Bike
Another view…the tie was a nice touch.

Playmobil NWMP Customs

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You know I also indulge in Playmobils… do not ask me why… I explained in my book no longer in print (LOL)… Actually waiting for a sledge from a standard set to go patrol up North… he always get his man… And YES I will post a pic of the mountie on his sledge once received…

Seriously they are fun to manipulate and even role playing with them.


PS: I achieved (the Blog) 130.000 visitors today… I must thank those who do assiduously!

Original (mounted) and customs.
Using two different figures you obtain two new one’s to go North!… mind, the eskimo head has gone to increase the ranks of the French Foreign Legion…
Another view… the headgear on the left one is a resin custom, the rest is standard Playmobil pieces.

March or Die Fort

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Not much time today, but I did see on facebook this fabulous example of modeling (do not know scale) but fans will recognize the Fort from the film MARCH OR DIE with Gene Hackman and Terence Hill (also la Deneuve!)… very accurate I guess.


someone has a passion akin to mine!
As an afterthought I added some FFL legionnaites from my collection to give some flavour to the Post!

A blast from the past!

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I found this pic on “The Vault” (at least mine)… surely I kept it there for some time (as seen in facebook) to Post it in a festive ocassion… they look very Napoleonic to me (to be sure)… I have seen them in real life when very young but my pocket money was not up to them I guess… found them delightful (and probably expensive)… but there you are some aspects of the hobby ARE expensive… a pity I did have not the proper address to collect them when I started seriously… or maybe they were not available then…

Currently reading ebooks edited by John Curry about the origins of the modern wargame… interesting nostalgic stuff about early rules… not that I follow any rules but my own… but I have said this plenty of times already!


Oldies but Goldies