Spencer Smith’s

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I did never got into them in my wargaming period… and still I love them… so this is a kind of tribute to them and those who followed the path of wargaming a la Charles Grant (father and son… the grandson seems more WWII inclined)

Excellent pic. Enjoy

Have not a single one… but they really look great!

The Future of Wargaming

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If I was younger I will go for a 3D Printer Machine (or whatever its name) because seeing the actual results of a clever use (see pics) the days of alloys, moulds and an era seem prone to vanish quite fast in the near future (not that I care too much about that) I will remain contented with my collections until I die and they are sold out for a pittance or go to the bin (I do not really care).

But see what magnificent start those 3D machines are into… 6mm By The Way…

7 Years War 3d Printed minis…
More of the same…
And last but not least…


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Found, means the great joy of finding something you wanted… more about that in some days (I am afraid I am gonna develop this subject)… in this particular occasion see the pic and you’ll understand what I am talking about.

NO they are not mine… just seen in Facebook an Austrian transaction…

Lancers find!

John Firth’s Own (II)

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Lets have some cavalry from the same author.

Really you can field exotic uniforms of Yeomanry and Volunteers that way, curiously enough THE BATTLE OF DORKING intended as a “depressing and alerting” book is somehow revered by the wargames fraternity as an opportunity to turn the tables on the willy foe! (You need all sorts you know…)

Fancy uniforms… the stuff of ZENDA!
And again…

Maybe some more tomorrow. Enjoy.

Der Alte Fritz minis (again)

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One of the successes of “Imperial” forces (not exclusive of the British Empire) is the raising, training and correctly use of “auxiliaries” or “allies”… good logistics and financing needed… in the end Empires crumble by financial overstretched reasons (and yes corruption too).

Lovely pic. Enjoy.

Sudanese and Egyptian Infantry 54mm

Fort Rexford

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One of the REGULARS in facebook, Colonel Bailey never tires!… his duty is protect the NW Frontier… and he does that with devotion and professionally… so here we go again!

I think he’s permanent table is a must. If this is 54mm… next post would be 28mm by Dave Docherty.

Claude Bailey’s punitive expedition (night march)

Repainted for the better…

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What a good paintjob can do for the castings (all of them) is wonderful.

Her Majesty’s Guards (or Household Division Troops) are a popular choice among collectors or simply aficionados whatever the level. It has much to do with that the daily exposure in such well know military procedures as the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace, The handing of the keys at the Tower of London, and similar at Windsor castle. The more “touristic attraction” the more popularity in children minds… So, let it be.

Hardly original subject… but a CLASSIC IMHO. As seen in Facebook.
Even with a bit of patience you can do it with Playmobils. (Those are my own).
By the end of your “collecting life” you would have gone megalomaniac (well, a bit). Those are mine.

There are no limits …

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Imagination and craftsmanship on the tabletop. Nothing to do with the real thing of course… if you fire that gun it would go backwards?… NO of course it is a self reloading mechanism that remains in place and help reload… no limits I said… that is the stuff of legendary wargames!

Somehow creative… by DER ALTE FRITZ… seen in Facebook!
Another view.