British and Egyptian “squares” in the desert (well: Der Alte Fritz & Docherty’s own & friends to be fair).

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Pics seen in facebook of a massive wargame using 54MM minis. Smacks of ABU KLEA (but no Egyptians there at all) and The Four Feathers!

The squares with zarebas are well represented… one British and one Egyptian.

Always missed the chance of a convivial big wargame with lots of common minded chaps and a beer after.

Guess you can not have ALL in this world!


Seems it did not jammed!
Rather confused formation…
In real life Dervishes had a hard time!
General view!

Corps of Guides completed set: REPLICA + DORSET 54MM

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It was one of those crazy things… I have never played a game by the rules A GENTLEMAN’S WAR by Howard Whitehouse… not I intent to… but I finally fall for the units organization (one never knows).

So, here they are… finally 24 Infantry models + Brigade Commander or whatecer is my fancy…


The Corps of Guides
Gurkhas on the flank…
Actually my mobile phone seems to make pics better than my old camera…
Nice models if you ask me…


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Remember those bikes with policemen I painted in January?… well at last the General and his chauffeur are here… and now are finally displayed together… LOL

Great “ancient look” model… the only car in my modest collection!


General view.
Frontal view (ADB52 is a joke of course!)
Rear view…
In its proper place
General view of the shelve.

Lieutenants Chard & Bromhead by DORSET SOLDIERS (54MM) . (Or maybe Stanley Baker & Michael Caine)

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I added those casts as an afterthought to my order and have been painting them on and off while doing other things.

They look more Military Modeling than I thought… my intention was to use them as Toy Soldiers… but I do not know… the casts are truly excellent… practically they painted themselves!… such detail for a 54MM… what you find at default is probably my painting job…

Now… to gloss varnish or not… that is the question! (Finally did varnish them)


CULLODEN PART I (New Buckenham Historical Wargamers) as seen in facebook.

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Every time they do something I am obliged to Post it… marvellous painting and collecting… and what is more they enjoy themselves above the concept of “winning”… I can not agree more with them.

A fantastic bunch of pals.


Firing line
They do not come better than this (as pics I mean)

Royal Scots in 42MM (Graham Hilditch’s Own)

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I do not collect in 42MM… for the difference I go always to 54MM… silly me you must think after seeing what Graham does to perfection!. To be fair I have one mounted British Dragoon courtesy of Andrew Stevenson… which I wll paint one of this days… just to show you my poor effort compared with Graham’s!

I am a fan of his work and will publish matter of fact anything he posts in facebook.

Hope you like them.


Side shot
Best Colours and Mounted Officer pic
Another view
More “areial”
Last but not least