Tony Dilley (again) II

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The Wagon “service” is an interesting model concept. 54mm Conversion.

Busy days. Not so busy as to do not appreciate the work of Mr. Tony Dilley again, if there is a frontier or red line between Toy Soldiers and Military Modeling Tony walks along it nicely and without apparent effort (just love his work!).

I do not “convert” a lot (a bare minimum in my Toy Soldier collection) and never with that quality of craftsmanship. Have run out of place actually… my cabinets look like the tube in Tokio… considering to put an end to collecting in 54mm for good (see next posts in the following days). I am nowadays only tempted to add 3 or 4 figures by the talented Andrew Stevens from REPLICA if ever bridges can be restored…


Silly Hackers (extra post)

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I am sick of them. The purpose of this web page is – non commercial – and pretty harmless… I think. I only post pics and comments related to Toy Soldiers and gaming with them (that includes Wargames but NO Boardgames obviously).

The access code is unique and not used elsewhere by me… so it is idiotic to try to break it!… sadly it distorts my statistics… I am near 100.000 visitors (including hackers as per today) but the number of visits (near 300.000) is not relevant because it includes the robots who search the code… A sad world we live in… Is this going to bother me?… in fact NO… as long as someone is interested I will daily post.

Tcha!… needed to get it out of my chest.

54mm Custer at the LBH (idealized)… I am as stubborn at least! Cor!

James Opie

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Scot’s Greys on foot… he loves them!
The hardback copy (must get one pronto!)

Somewhere else in this collection of posts I have already mentioned his great contribution to Toy Soldier literature (specially Britain’s), and still consider his book COLLECTING TOY SOLDIERS “the” reference book. Of course he advises Auctions and has a job connected with buying and selling items… but this is not here not there. He has (still) a fantastic collection (much revised and streamlined if you know what I mean). So he deserves a Post of his own. Enjoy.

Paperback (the one I own)

Military Modeling

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The last “eleven” of the 66th (Berkshires) at Maiwand.

I do not have an extensive collection of this style pieces but surely this one is superb and would have liked to see it in an all round view. The Second Afghan War is fascinating for me, and a pet wargaming subject (do not ask me why) but I have done it with Playmobils in 75mm and Baccus Proxies in 6mm (the later still in my wargames room). Actually I have seen pieces as good as this one but actually not better. Enjoy!

Historically there were several “last stands” the 66th lost both its colours and the PBI did his best as usual… apart of some looting and drinking from the baggage guard… some of the soldiers did run from the fight but in the main it was a hard fought action by an outnumbered and outgunned British Brigade… there are several good books about it I can recommend… Google on!