Maybe my first Toy Figure…

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Vaguely 54mm, all in rubber/cautxuc… more than 65 years old (the figure… me going on 71… so it probably is nearly 70!… lol)… Original state and paint… paint that obviously peeled off from a non rigid material… played with by at least three generations consecutively and rescued before going to the bin… I used to make him run obstacles and tracks on the sheets of my bed… do not know how he survived so many crashes!… I remember having at least two of them… but also French Gendarmes by Norev (rubber too) and one in Aluminium (Quiralu?) the last two were with sidecar and had very “funny” figures on them.

A nostalgic way to close a forgettable year… hope the next is best!

Policeman on a Bike
Another view…the tie was a nice touch.

Playmobil NWMP Customs

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You know I also indulge in Playmobils… do not ask me why… I explained in my book no longer in print (LOL)… Actually waiting for a sledge from a standard set to go patrol up North… he always get his man… And YES I will post a pic of the mountie on his sledge once received…

Seriously they are fun to manipulate and even role playing with them.


PS: I achieved (the Blog) 130.000 visitors today… I must thank those who do assiduously!

Original (mounted) and customs.
Using two different figures you obtain two new one’s to go North!… mind, the eskimo head has gone to increase the ranks of the French Foreign Legion…
Another view… the headgear on the left one is a resin custom, the rest is standard Playmobil pieces.

A blast from the past!

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I found this pic on “The Vault” (at least mine)… surely I kept it there for some time (as seen in facebook) to Post it in a festive ocassion… they look very Napoleonic to me (to be sure)… I have seen them in real life when very young but my pocket money was not up to them I guess… found them delightful (and probably expensive)… but there you are some aspects of the hobby ARE expensive… a pity I did have not the proper address to collect them when I started seriously… or maybe they were not available then…

Currently reading ebooks edited by John Curry about the origins of the modern wargame… interesting nostalgic stuff about early rules… not that I follow any rules but my own… but I have said this plenty of times already!


Oldies but Goldies

X’mas Carols (By DORSET) and James Opie’s version…

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Dorset 54mm (I guess)

Whatever you celebrate this days have a good time with your beloved one’s, be kind, courteous, speak softly, hug everybody with grace and do not mention war or politics… there… a recipe for success…

James Opie version… must be Britain’s I guess…

And remember that not everyone has the same taste… so it is alright to love all music or just parts of it (genres), same with art and literature… to do not mention movies and actors/actresses… whatever you like can get on the nerves of others… so simply agree to disagree… and all of the best for everybody!


Coldstreamers pudding!

French Foreign Legion Customs

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I sold half of them to an ex-legionnaire, but the main thing was to experiment with a black&white pic for a change!

Hope nobody comes restless again… I just love the films about it… romantic and post-romantic stuff (see BEAU GESTE all versions and also BEAU IDEAL… BEAU SABREUR -with Gary Cooper_ has been “lost” for decades… UNDER TWO FLAGS… MARCH OR DIE… spectacular “irreal” battle scenes (the “arbis” would have shot them away from a safe distance) in full colour and a great Gene Hackman and a very subdued and nuanced performance by Terence Hill in one of his best roles)

Curiously enough I still have a couple of dozens of Playmobils to play with… habits die hard!


I thought… why not a bit of black&white?

The Classic Way…

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Strictly from the Vault as seen in Facebook… not much else needed… a game of attrition and that is what is all about… who would be left standing!

BTW I reda (again) a classic by Donald Featherstone “SOLO WARGAMES” or something like that… it is really awesome to check that all was written so long ago… it is a good recommendation… read the classics.


Napoleonics on the middle of it…