There they go… Lieutenants Chard and Bromhead “join” the 24th… at last on the pertinent shelve!

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I had my doubts for some days… but it is over.

IMPERIAL MINIATURES (Antony Spencer) new figures won heads down… so I replace the old one’s with the new one’s.

The bugler is by Tradition of London and I did paint it myself long ago.



The old R.P. World Models are going to be repainted just a bit!

Yes, I do mis manufacturers!
Now I will have to repaint or adapt the old RPWorldModels of Chard and Bromhead into something else…

Sudanese Colonial Troops. British Bulldog Series by Roberto Lodoli. 54MM.

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I have a passion for colonial affairs in my fantasy world (because In the real world I think Imperialism was wrong… mind probably inevitable in context and I mean historically… but definitely wrong on the whole approach of white man supremacy… LOL… I do not know why I have to include my private opinions in this Blog at all!)… pros and cons aside… there was colourful troops and little actions who deserve attention if you are a wargamer in 54MM or whatever scale.

Find this setting and troops delightful even if some need a bit of repair (that prone figure with broken rifle hurts my eyes).


Nice setting
Some are battered
Need to repair that rifle
Good Warriors
Final view,

Dave Mitchel’s Diorama (ISANDLWANA).

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It has been a while since I first saw this pics from an awesome diorama.

I have been delaying getting into it and making a Post because in a way it is so much Military Modeling and sculpting that the term Toy Soldier did not seem to apply to it.

After much reflection I decided to make a Post… it deserves it in spades.

There are no comments on the five pics… they are self explanatory I guess.


Scott Lesch’s ACW in 54MM.

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Followers of this webpage, Blog, or whatever this is knows it is my favourite period.

Strangely enough I do not have a single 54MM Toy Soldier figure myself in my collection.

I have a Military Modeling one in 54MM (John Wayne in USA Cavalry uniform… but it can be a much later period… aka Indian Wars 1876… She Wore a Yellow Ribbon like… but could have been THE HORSE SOLDIERS with a black hat too! I think I have already shown that pic several times so…


CSA Cavalry
CSA Artillery
CSA Infantry
Union Cavalry
USA Artillery
Union Infantry

Working on it…

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Probably one of my longest affair with 54MM Toy Soldiers. I wanted to do Nathan Brittles patrol (SHE WORE A YELLOW RIBBON – John Ford film)… I know I have done it in 6MM… but those are different efforts.

Finally got some weeks ago the casts from REPLICA (Andrew Stevenson)… then I waited for some pistol holsters from DORSET, meanwhile I was cleaning the casts of bits here and there… and gluing the two part kits of horses together… yes… superglue again.

The more difficult model was the troop standard bearer (guidon), Andrew supplied a lancers arm (quite nice on its own I have them on the 9th British Lancers at Kandahar) but it was not what I had in mind… luckily I never throw away discarded parts… so I had a very promissing lance from DUCAL Life Guards I converted to sword carriyng troopers… a bit of paint…

And then an arm (it is a left arm glued as a right arm and would need a bit of putty to disguise the fact)… I was able today of drilling a hole in the hand to receive the guidon… and then I glued all the parts to the body and the horse (it still lacks pistol holster and head).

Was not easy… and I am quite satisfied with my work… so until I finish assembling and painting them… quite a long process because I can do this just an hour a day (and not every day) you will have to wait for more Posts and pics…


Assembled but a lot of work pending.
Long ago I did a very good inversion on that! A good mini drill…