Franco-Prussian War 1870 Diorama

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I do not remember what I intended to post today… but I found those pics in Facebook and they come handy!… oh dear!… what level of artistry… it really it is like being there…

Dioramas are not my own personal experience but I admire them.

I did not retain the name of the artist or club… will rectify this omission once I dig it from the pile of info. Done… posted by Wolfgang Meyer… the maker of the minis is not him though… 42nd Black Watch Miniatures by Massimo Costa. (1/72)

Alphonse de Neuville like if you ask me…


Meet the Tirailleurs!
Close action!
High Command.
Dioramas do not come best!
More French Line…

All periods have their charm!

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Let’s broke a lance in favour of the less known or represented periods!

Today is an example of French troops… always pestering Europe and elsewhere Napoleon or not… a great tradition of campaigning the french have… not always successful but constant again and again and again…

I am at pains nowadays to get the correct 6mm minis for a Crimean British Army… they simply do not exist so you have to do with proxies and an alternative paintjob… why I do this when I am spoilt for choice?

Because I am a wargamer and collector. That’s why… stubbornness to the fore!…LOL

Enjoy those in big scale!

A not so usually seen period…


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In a reflective mood today… must be early Spring…

What is the real purpose of wargames?… war? (not at all)… a friendly atmosphere is a cherished thing… games? (we do not really want to lose at all I guess…)… in a game there is always that possibility (we all agree)… so… it is really puzzling in a way…

I thought when I first wrote a book about my toy soldiers that History was the main propeller… not really so sure nowadays… I still do collect Toy Soldiers mind… even my wargames minis are more a “collection” than the real thing…

Why I did spent so many hours painting Napoleonic 25mm MINIFIGS in my middle years?… probably (read surely) it was more escapism from daily work than anything else… why Waterloo? (Tons of easy available info about it!)… nice uniforms?… maybe… with years and years I realized how much of it was British Propaganda!… I would have been mad (if a Prussian) the way the tale was told… no offense intended for the steadfast British Infantry mind!

As for the French… what do you want me to say?… a Military Machine that only “conquered” (as all conquerors) the land their soldiers walked through… their were a real nuisance for nearly a quarter of a Century across Europe (and even Egypt!)… Revolutionary ideas shocked the conservative monarchies… they will later adopt them matter of fact (the ideas not the revolution)… but using Force (brute) to spread “light and sweetness” (thank you P.G.Wodehouse) does not work at all… look at the silly intents to convert to democracy: theocratic or autocratic states or regions of the modern world… such nonsense!… It is very difficult to export ideas and make people (very different cultural people) to abide to your “superior knowledge” (LOL)…

It is a strange world we live in… thankfully we have the music!

I do not know if it is really apropiate to say Enjoy!

Maybe better REFLECT! (a bit at least)…

A really nice pic! and nice wargame…
Another example of “secure flanks”… I hate the border of the tabletop!
Puzzling image of a wargamer reading his mobile…

Zulu War Toy Soldiers Collection seen in FaceBook, by Alan Green.

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Sometimes perusing FaceBook in search of original material to Post one finds gems of a sort… every Toy Soldier here is a small piece of imagination… the author confess he was influenced by the well known films ZULU and ZULU DAWN… of course I here you say! (aren’t we all?)… but actually he developped the subject out of the weel trodden way of Military Modeling or Wargaming.

There is a lot of work and customization on those Toy Soldiers… and I love the search of the “piece unique”.

So here you are… take your Martini-Henry and travel to the end of the world!


Main Characters.
Natal Mounted Police
Sikhali’s Horse
17th Lancers
Heliograph Party
Firing Line
Highlanders marching
More casualties…

Modeling the 17th Lancers (Zulu War)

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It is quite difficult to publish everyday of the year something worthwhile… but lately this silly fixation of mine is getting easier by the sheer qualty of the pics that are published in Facebook.

I have already said a lot of times that I only have in my modest collection less than ten models like that.

But I do appreciate them enormously… after all they are the painting guide we all use in smaller scales and efforts.



Frontal view (seen in Facebook)
Lateral view.

More from Paul Watson!

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Paul’s a friend, and I am quite happy to Post here his late production or project!

By mere chance I have them sailors too (Steadfast from R.Prati)… but not that beast of a GUN! (I used to have them in 25mm when I collected only MINIFIGS!

I am glad he is publishing pics again… always a source of inspiration!


Another view!
And another…
Really a mini-diorama in 54mm (toy Soldiers)

Diorama in a small base.

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Not my thing at all (personally) but I know quality when I see it. That bloody part of the late XIXth Century whem the European Powers (all of them) expanded “civilization” and “commerce”… all round the world… globalization at the point of the bayonet!

Masterful Military Modeling if you please!

In this case French troops.


Very good “composition” if you ask me…

Riesig’s Own.

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What about something different today? I was feeling adventurous somehow… I guess they are semiflat figures that have an appeal of their own (and always look better from the side pics)… excellent flag BTW. French troops if you ask me. And I forgot to say… Prince August (they sell moulds too!)… with some additions from Front Rank!… and, of course, 40mm scale!


It smacks of Barry Lyndon’s times (or even earlier)
Great painting job!… semiflats?