The Classic Way…

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Strictly from the Vault as seen in Facebook… not much else needed… a game of attrition and that is what is all about… who would be left standing!

BTW I reda (again) a classic by Donald Featherstone “SOLO WARGAMES” or something like that… it is really awesome to check that all was written so long ago… it is a good recommendation… read the classics.


Napoleonics on the middle of it…

Lost Pic!

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Sometimes Murphy is right!… I have intended to post this pic for days… and never found where the hell I kept it in the Vault… Today so help me God… I have done three posts instead of one… due to me accidentally found it by pure chance…


I simply lost this pic inside “the Vault”… been searching for it days and days! Just my kind of thing (something by James Opie I think but not sure)