British and Egyptian “squares” in the desert (well: Der Alte Fritz & Docherty’s own & friends to be fair).

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Pics seen in facebook of a massive wargame using 54MM minis. Smacks of ABU KLEA (but no Egyptians there at all) and The Four Feathers!

The squares with zarebas are well represented… one British and one Egyptian.

Always missed the chance of a convivial big wargame with lots of common minded chaps and a beer after.

Guess you can not have ALL in this world!


Seems it did not jammed!
Rather confused formation…
In real life Dervishes had a hard time!
General view!

Deano’s painting in 6mm

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At first I did not thought that was posible. But it is. OMG!

Some time ago I saw those pics in the Baccus GALLERY Forum… simply looked at them and forgot about it.

Then suddenly confronted to a difficult project in 6mm I revisited the GALLERY and something clicked on my mind… Oh Dear! to think that I sold my 25mm astounded by the level of painting of the Kevin Dallimore’s etc. What to do now?… sell my 6mm and go 3mm?… NO NOT AT ALL!… just look from a distance (a few meters will do!).

Enjoy the artistry!

Camel Corps in 6mm… would you believe it?
Dismounted skirmish lines
I must say I have something like this in mules… but can not compare…

Francesco Thau’s Own 28mm

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I am a huge fan of what Francesco does with 28mm Perry’s… unsurpassed IMHO… those mini dioramas are full of action and tasteful display (and some are standard figures or minis!)… mindblowing standard of painting if you ask me… not my favourite scale anymore… but dear me!… he tempts me everytime I see his works.


ABU KLEA using Perry’s

Fantastic Diorama

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British Square seen in Facebook… looks like the Camel Corps

At Abu Klea there never was an all round attack of the Square… but who cares! this is magnificent!… did’nt see Burnaby but he must be there of course… No idea of the scale of the minis but they look quite big… 28mm upwards not discarding 54mm.