Playmobil NWMP Customs

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You know I also indulge in Playmobils… do not ask me why… I explained in my book no longer in print (LOL)… Actually waiting for a sledge from a standard set to go patrol up North… he always get his man… And YES I will post a pic of the mountie on his sledge once received…

Seriously they are fun to manipulate and even role playing with them.


PS: I achieved (the Blog) 130.000 visitors today… I must thank those who do assiduously!

Original (mounted) and customs.
Using two different figures you obtain two new one’s to go North!… mind, the eskimo head has gone to increase the ranks of the French Foreign Legion…
Another view… the headgear on the left one is a resin custom, the rest is standard Playmobil pieces.

A blast from the past!

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I found this pic on “The Vault” (at least mine)… surely I kept it there for some time (as seen in facebook) to Post it in a festive ocassion… they look very Napoleonic to me (to be sure)… I have seen them in real life when very young but my pocket money was not up to them I guess… found them delightful (and probably expensive)… but there you are some aspects of the hobby ARE expensive… a pity I did have not the proper address to collect them when I started seriously… or maybe they were not available then…

Currently reading ebooks edited by John Curry about the origins of the modern wargame… interesting nostalgic stuff about early rules… not that I follow any rules but my own… but I have said this plenty of times already!


Oldies but Goldies