Rorke’s Drift in 6MM (LEVEN MODEL) built and painted by Daniel Hodgson!

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Daniel has always done my real state pieces in 6MM… I was surprised when he got a permanent job with a company of wargaming items… but thankfully REVEILLE is poerating again for buildings and scenery!

Yo can not go wrong with him!


Aerial view
The last redoubt detail
Another view
The base is a A4 standard size by PENDRAKEN!

Dave Mitchel’s Diorama (ISANDLWANA).

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It has been a while since I first saw this pics from an awesome diorama.

I have been delaying getting into it and making a Post because in a way it is so much Military Modeling and sculpting that the term Toy Soldier did not seem to apply to it.

After much reflection I decided to make a Post… it deserves it in spades.

There are no comments on the five pics… they are self explanatory I guess.


River Nile Gunboat 6MM. By Daniel Hodgson.

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It took time… a lot of time… but finally in my collection!

I pestered Daniel in Facebook for so long I was lucky the range of his guns did not reach ANDORRA!… LOL

Seriously, I have admired his work for years, and 99% of my real state ACW buildings in 6MM are from him (meaning LEVEN and BACCUS but painted by him).

Occasionally he even did some 6MM minis for me.

But that Gunboat is a masterpiece!… I am unable to scratch build one to be sure… not even copying the present one… so be it… my OMDURMAN project is finally “complete” (if that notion exists at all).

Many thanks Daniel.


Not much words needed.
Another view.
Frontal view.
Rear view.

Dilley’s (Senior) works…

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Always have admired the work of the Dilley’s (father & son)… even bought the book (the original one in e-bay or amazon second hand shops… not sure exactly) done years ago and it is a treasured one in my collection.

I do not paint in mat, more Toy Soldier Classical gloss varnish for me… but as with Military Modeling I do appreciate CRAFTSMANSHIP!…



French Officers.
Another pic.
And another.

Diorama in a small base.

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Not my thing at all (personally) but I know quality when I see it. That bloody part of the late XIXth Century whem the European Powers (all of them) expanded “civilization” and “commerce”… all round the world… globalization at the point of the bayonet!

Masterful Military Modeling if you please!

In this case French troops.


Very good “composition” if you ask me…

Paul Watson does it again…

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Yesterday was John Clarke… Today is Paul Watson (a true friend of mine), how can he manage to “cut”, “solder”, “repare”, “modify”, and dig gold from the scrap pile of old discarded toy soldiers by less able people truly amazes me , in this case the two members of the Naval Landing Party has been converted into stretcher bearers… and the “casualty” is a multipart “remake” (you know what I mean… one torso, other legs, other arms, and an overall good painting job!

Well done, Congratulations!



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Simply magnificent… I am conscious that I will never achieve this kind of craftsmanship without starting from zero and dedicating to it hours and hours and hours… maybe the correct approach is that I am “out of time for it”… nevertheless I admire those who have this level… and proud to give them to you!

As you know I collect Toy Soldiers and even paint them sometimes… much more easy believe me! (The Old Toy Soldier kind even if some are “NEW” Toy Soldiers).


Chaos in the mud…

Francesco Thau’s Own 28mm

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I am a huge fan of what Francesco does with 28mm Perry’s… unsurpassed IMHO… those mini dioramas are full of action and tasteful display (and some are standard figures or minis!)… mindblowing standard of painting if you ask me… not my favourite scale anymore… but dear me!… he tempts me everytime I see his works.


ABU KLEA using Perry’s