Antietam/Sharpsburg 1862 (6mm) My Own for once! (I)

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At last! I could do it…

Finally I must say the choice (difficult) I did to sell my 25mm Collection and go 6mm has payed off! (I know not everyone’s taste 6mil) what you lose in uniform detail you gain in playable surface for the scale… same table… but lots of room to manoeuvre if you know what I mean…

A couple of thousands of minis but it does not look crowded at all. Mainly Baccus and Rapier minis (mainly painted by Robert Jackson (90%) and Turbil Miniatures), Leven and Baccus buildings (REVEILLE by Daniel Hodgson), Trees are Baccus as Bridges and “fields”.

I will use this FIRST Wargame to develop my Own House Rules (SOLO or MULTIPLAYER) mainly adapting and reforming mecanisms of POLEMOS (BACCUS) ALTAR OF FREEDOM (Little Wars TV) Fire&Fury… and what not!

Making the river is quite cheap. And the woods are not “compact” I can move the stands of tress to make them passable. The Cornfield has no corn because I do not like troop stands floating over scenery… MY taste!.

Interested in the concepts movement, attrition, spent forces, General’s limitations, and mainly Historical Reenactment, Fictionnal Wargames with more freedom will come later.

Absolutely satisfied (if such thing exists) with the layout and minis… at last Armies look like Armies and terrain is wholesome…

I will probably do a movement a day not decided with 1/2 hour or whole hour’s span of time of a wargame period… will remain experimental for a while until satisfied. Trial and error etc.

Enjoy! (I do)

Starting the set up.

No Armies yet… just a peaceful countryside…
Union Forces in place (not yet deployed)
Burnside and Porter (and general reserve)
Union Center to Right flank (anticlockwise) Sumner, Franklin, Mansfield and Hooker.
Mc Clellan’s HQ and Cavalry in reserve.
Two Divisions Corps…
Three Divisions Corps.
Full UNION view (Times of arrival or engagement NOT simultaneous)
My Old Wargames table (permanent once retired)
Confederates Deployment
Ready to Start I guess… (On the right lower part Hill’s forces coming from Harper’s Ferry)… not yet “on the table”.
Confederates Center and Right (Bloody Lane with the rail fence)
Jackson’s left flank with Stuarts’s Cavalry.
Another view!

More Napoleonics!

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Just for the sake of the artistry… well painted miniatures and excellent pics!

Nice way to start a Sunday.

I can promise ANTIETAM in 6mm for tomorrow if all goes well… Union is deployed… but Confederates yet to do so… SOLO wargamers like me have a lot of work on their hands… even if sometimes the results are satisfying…


Enjoy today! (and wait for tomorrow!

A charge of the 3rd Hussars… with an excellent background! (artistic if I may say so)
French Infantry
And more…

British Napoleonics (read Waterloo) WHC (again).

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Big Navy, Small Army, Diplomacy and financial support… and many coalitions!

In the end it produced the ultimate Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars (why not the Old Monarchies Wars eludes me).

Thought I would give you some pics of a quite profesional Army that was nearly defeated at Waterloo… and rescued by the Prussians in the nick of time!… to do not mention the Allies (Dutch&Belgian, Brunswickers, Nassauers, Hannoverians, and KGL to just mention a few whom in general terms fought as hard as the Britons…).


Scot Greys
British Cavalry
British Infantry

Tricornes a plenty (again)

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Yes it is the Armies of the WHC AGAIN!… but the last Post about Tricornes for a while… tomorrow another thing…

If wigs are not your thing you must be tired!

Fanciful dress, but not exclusive of this period… I am a fan of The Crimean War (1854-1856) and the uniforms were really gaudy too!

Well all this is not here not there… simply fantastic pis from Mark Freeth I guess… sometimes The Vault has plenty of themand it is difficult to remember from where I collected them… your daily dose of minis is sometimes heavy work up here in the mountains of ANDORRA!


Beautiful minis
And more…
And more…
In red…
Sky blue…
Look as some Scots…
A close up!
Even closer!

28mm “Tricornes period”

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Guess I have to thank again the collections of the Wargames Holiday Center and Mark Freeth (for the Facebook pics).

Wargamers are a very varied and multicultural breed… see those examples (or pics) below… One can be a fan of a period and utterly unimpressed by others… the impermeability of influence syndrome… it is very difficult to start a new period!

The more yo cumulate information about the cherished one the more you tend to have a lazy and (quite to the point) uninterested feeling for what for others in the hobby is the topermost!.

Talk about studious “normal” people obsessed with the Little Big Horn (me included)… have read more than a hundred books (in my collection) about it and when I buy a “new” one I already know Custer will die at the end (to be fair in some he dies about the middle of the book!)… LOL (I am laughing at myself not at them fans).

So here you have it from Marlborough to the Seven Years War a very interesting period and colourful armies.


Beautiful Flags!
Cavalry Melee.
General view
In those times Cavalry used to “Charge” Infantry…

Franco Prussian War 54mm OLD SCHOOL WARGAMING!

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Nothing is so spectacular as the Franco-Prussian War for wargaming the Old Style… still gaudy uniforms… you are in command (instead of those incompetent French Marshalls)… and not the gore of the XXth Century.

The other alternative is Dorking of course… but that was really improbable… BUT… fantastic alternative for gaudy redcoats!… the book is not really compulsory reading (I have it and did… but not indispensable to wargame the period… The Riddle of the Sands come true etc.)


54mm Cavalry
General view
French Attack!
Another general view!
French and Spahis!
More French!

John Firth’s Lancers “suite”

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This is not the first time I Post John Firth’s work… I just love them figures!, tastefully painted and crafted in a variety of positions.

You do not need much more figures to have a very nice “ensemble”.


General view.
Commander and Trumpeter
General view.
Trumpeter detail
Another view
Aren’t they nice?
Another view
Another one.

Dilley’s (Senior) works…

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Always have admired the work of the Dilley’s (father & son)… even bought the book (the original one in e-bay or amazon second hand shops… not sure exactly) done years ago and it is a treasured one in my collection.

I do not paint in mat, more Toy Soldier Classical gloss varnish for me… but as with Military Modeling I do appreciate CRAFTSMANSHIP!…



French Officers.
Another pic.
And another.


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I was going to Post another thing and then I pushed the wrong button and all went deleted… and did not wanted to search for the pics again.. so here it is an strange post from me… WWII!… I really do not dig the XXth Century… call me old fashioned fool or whatever… but found the first pic impressive (as the guy open mouthed in the background).

So… for once…


A Bridge too far…
British Paras
A typicall three tables lay out…
A missing pic added today…