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As far as 54mm New Toy Soldiers akin to Britain’s go… you do not need to search more… REPLICA it is… and that’s that. (Alternatively there are other well known trade marks as Dorset Soldiers / Imperial Soldiers and Steadfast (R.Prati) to say but two!).

Here you can have a sight of the new premises… as we all know we have been promised start of production by next January 2023… keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best!.

Main cabinets
Egypt 1882 Cabinet

Author: Alejo Dorca

Born in 1952. Married in 1976. Two sons and a daughter. 4 grandsons to date, 3 boys and a girl. Arquitect in 1978. Retired in 2016 aprox. Lifelong Toy Soldiers aficionado.