The Zulu War in 6MM (I)

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A six months “War” full of pathos because Isandlwana… a British Empire act of rascality (well that’s what Empires do anyway…) got a bloody nose and was “put right” even before a “new” commander in chief could arrive (read Wolseley). Have some pics.

Well, maybe the summing up is too brief and harsh… after all there are so many books (good) abut it… and splendid movies… ZULU DAWN and ZULU (The second was released ages before the first… but it is better to watch in the proper order)… and than you have Eshowe and other actions… have always been a fan since I saw ZULU at the theater… then there was no VHS no DVD no BluRay… LOL… spectacular…


Rorke’s Drift (Leven model painted by Daniel Hodgson) Baccus figures painted by Robert Jackson.
Ulundi “square” lateral view. (I did the 17th lancers myself and the mounted standard-bearers…)
Ulundi seen from the Zulu side…(Zulu capital).

Author: Alejo Dorca

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