2 July morning/early afternoon before the action…

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Sickles III Corps is out “in the air” on the Union left flank… on the right flank “the fish hook” is in position because Slocum ha reinforced the position with the XII Corps.

Longstreet’s two divisions in the field (Hood and McLaws) are ending his roundabout and complicated march (because of delays and changes of direction to avoid visual detection).

All is ready fo the afternoon clash!


XII Corps has formed on the right flank.
Sickles III Corps has moved too far forward contrary to Meade’s orders.
Longstreet’s two divisions are getting in position on the extreme Confederate right (Union left)
Longstreet in detail.
general view
Meade directs Sykes V Corps to the left flank! that will frustrate the outflanking move by the Rebs but just barely!

Author: Alejo Dorca

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