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Sometimes something seen in Facebook catches your eye!

I used to play Cowboys and Indians when a child… (reenactment today is called)… well… I guess Nostalgia is a great sentiment… I do not have Indians and Cowboys in my Toy Soldier Collection… but I have some 6mm frontier scouts… no Indians because i never build the opposition nowadays… you need all sorts you know! Charming pic!

Frankowski’s own…

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Telegraph station as seen in Facebook…

Unusual model full of charm. Kingcast Royal Engineers I believe. Maybe in the limits of my period of addiction to Toy Soldiers… Excellent collection!

Now for those interested I must inform that the moulds have been bought by REPLICA (Andrew Stevens) and he says they would be available again at the end of the year 2022. Cheers!

Late Additions…

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Steadfast set… I have asked for the nurses (both) and the Medical officer (fourth from the left)

My armies have no casualties, sorry about that… for me Toy Soldiers never die… and of course I found annoying the idea of wounded and streach-bearers… I am particular about that. So there you have it an on purpose incomplete set.