The Sudan at the WHC (Wargames Holiday Centre).

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The Wargames Holiday Centre has been one of my obsessions for a long time (as you know I post pics from Mark Freeth many times per year), have probably passed the age to book a reservation myself, the idea to wargame with perfect strangers does not appeal to me in the least… and the only possibility remaining is the retirement of my brother from business… but as we have an age gap of ten years… when he will retire I would be too old or dead (LOL)… and then real life gets always in the middle of those chimerical projects…

Enjoy the Sudan! (IMHO there is nothing to enjoy there but… you need all sorts!)

Camel Corps and Naval Brigade (28mm)
Dervishes (very brave men IMHO)
One of those “thin red lines tipped with steel” (Crimean comment)
The clash (or melee)… if it comes to that things can get nasty!
Another view
A pic that smacks of or smells a lot like THE FOUR FEATHERS (1939 version of course)
I just love paddle steamers! (only on The Nile)…

Riesig’s Own.

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What about something different today? I was feeling adventurous somehow… I guess they are semiflat figures that have an appeal of their own (and always look better from the side pics)… excellent flag BTW. French troops if you ask me. And I forgot to say… Prince August (they sell moulds too!)… with some additions from Front Rank!… and, of course, 40mm scale!


It smacks of Barry Lyndon’s times (or even earlier)
Great painting job!… semiflats?

Gettysburg in 6mm.

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The scale that actually I use for wargaming (mainly the ACW with Baccus minis)… not my minis at all in the pic… seen in Facebook (they look like Adler).

They are cheap, easy to paint, have mass appeal and room to manoeuvre… you must not be “cheap” though… if you need bases for dismounted cavalry make them… Buford’s cavalry on the left seem a bit ludicrous mounted… but that is only me been pricky.


Gettysburg in 6mm

Napoleonic eye candy

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You must forgive me… as I won’t do a Post tomorrow… so in a flush (or frenzy) of energy I will give you three Posts today (just in case)…

I’d rather say that those are from the Mark Freeth collection of pics on the WHC. Nevermind, they are gorgeous.

Enjoy 28mm (A scale on the decline… the twilight of the lead wargames soldier).

Looks like Bavarian Artillery to me… but could be another small Nation.
The flag is Bavarian I guess…
Wrede and Wurtemburg were quite similar…
French had a lively beginning of the XIXth Century I guess…

Austrians are part of the Napoleonic Wars… a big part…

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We are all aware of Waterloo… thank you kindly… but if ever there was an Army who fought Napoleon it was the Austrian Army… from 1805 Austerlitz defeat to 1815 coalition… they were always there… getting beated and scoring some success as at ASPERN-ESSLING… and WAGRAM was not a bloody rout… the Austrian Army retreated in order… but propaganda is propaganda… specially French Napoleonic Propaganda… “To lie like a Bulletin” is a French Expression of the times…


It was the third Napoleonic Army I ever built…

Deano’s painting in 6mm

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At first I did not thought that was posible. But it is. OMG!

Some time ago I saw those pics in the Baccus GALLERY Forum… simply looked at them and forgot about it.

Then suddenly confronted to a difficult project in 6mm I revisited the GALLERY and something clicked on my mind… Oh Dear! to think that I sold my 25mm astounded by the level of painting of the Kevin Dallimore’s etc. What to do now?… sell my 6mm and go 3mm?… NO NOT AT ALL!… just look from a distance (a few meters will do!).

Enjoy the artistry!

Camel Corps in 6mm… would you believe it?
Dismounted skirmish lines
I must say I have something like this in mules… but can not compare…

Wargames Holiday Centre.

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I do not allow publicity in this Blog… so this is my own opinion… they actually are having a break… but there are NOT better ways to be introduced to wargaming in 28mm in the grand manner… at a price of course… if I lived in Old Blighty I would already have done so (Not that I need any introduction to wargaming… just because the size of the tables and the opportunity to wargame with other people with an Umpire who has beeen there/done that/has the T-shirt.


Massed Russian Units (Napoleonic of course!)

Carlos Amador posted those 6mm in facebook… awesome if you ask me!

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For once (or as usual) I have no idea if they are in the market or not, where to buy them, if they are lead or resin, if sculpted or printed… whatever… I am sorry… surf Facebook as I do… maybe you will have a better info as a result.

But OMG! what a magnificent painting job!

I have said before in this Blog that 6mm is the FUTURE for Big Battles and Wargaming… I can be wrong of course (mainly if you only skirmish)… but have had this gut feeling since castings and printers improved sooooo much!

Here they are… to stay…


I guess they are 3D printed but not sure…
Spanish Troops
French I guess by the Flags (not my period I am afraid)
Magnificent 6mm!
Pikes always oversized I fear…
Artillery is a must see!


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I must admit that one of the things that push me to wargaming (in my early days in the hobby) was the fact of the “grandeur” of a Cavalry Charge!, of course I had seen on the movies scenes like the Errol Flynn (CUSTER) charges in the third day of Gettysburg… you know what I mean… ” First of Michigan Charge! ” etc etc etc

Addicted to colourful uniforms for esthetic reasons… nothing could compare to Napoleonic Cavalry Uniforms… Hussars in fact nearly never “charged” but were used in “la petite guerre” of outposts, patrols, scouting and denying the vue of the main Army to the enemy (but you read about those things later on… LOL)

Be that as it may the only thing that surpasses a Cavalry Charge is a Cavalry encounter with both sides charging to a bitter (and magnificent) melee… so that is the subject today!


Post Scriptum: painfully enough you will discover with time that attrition is hard on the horses, very rarely Horse Regiments have a full complement due to lack of horses, and then cavalry is a small percentage of any Army (keep it on a bandbox)… so you will have to paint Line Infantrymen (again), in a higher proportion… the more Cavalry you get (same as Guard or Elite Units) the more Infantry you need (even militia!) to have a minimal sense of proportion in the Army of your choice… isn’t life hard!

And I guess all those pics are from the Wargames Holiday Centre… and work of M. Freeth.