The Classic Way…

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Strictly from the Vault as seen in Facebook… not much else needed… a game of attrition and that is what is all about… who would be left standing!

BTW I reda (again) a classic by Donald Featherstone “SOLO WARGAMES” or something like that… it is really awesome to check that all was written so long ago… it is a good recommendation… read the classics.


Napoleonics on the middle of it…

Lost Pic!

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Sometimes Murphy is right!… I have intended to post this pic for days… and never found where the hell I kept it in the Vault… Today so help me God… I have done three posts instead of one… due to me accidentally found it by pure chance…


I simply lost this pic inside “the Vault”… been searching for it days and days! Just my kind of thing (something by James Opie I think but not sure)

Bowley’s Own

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There seems to be a lot of Prussians lately… but that’s what it is… sometimes wargamers do have to follow a fashion no matter what (me included). Prussia had a span of 30 years before integrating Great Germany after 1870… and still… they are very popular (as anything before WWI and WWII)… LOL


A lot of Prussians advancing…
The French opposition!

Playmobil by GEOBRA (I)

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You know I am a 6mm orthodox (more or less) solo wargamer… a collector of 54mm Toy Soldiers (part of them used in traditional old style games)… but also a Playmobil fan with my grandchildren. Let me explain why… probably you do not care at all for those german toys (mainly quite pacific oriented!)… but some of us perversily used them in wargames and role-playing… LOL

As always a picture is worth a thousand words so here have some… have in mind I collected Playmobil soldiers mainly for years without knowing they could be dissembled and rebuilt exchanging parts!… quite easy once you know how… the method of kitchen scissors and a towel is my own as seen in YouTube!

Lets start with the US Cavalry (You all know I have a fixation with the French Foreign Legion thanks to P.C.Wren) but this is not my only obsession… John Ford and John Wayne (and Richard Widmark, Ben Johnson and a lot of other mainly from Ford’s stock company) plunged my young imagination into it… as Errol Flynn of course!

Well, here is a theme overdone by Playmobil thanks God! See some pics:

A tyiycall US Cavalry Trooper (1876) 7th Cavalry. Black hat.
Same as above dissembled (18 parts you can exchange at will) The only part not Playmobil standard is the resin carabine hand painted by me. Steiner models produces a range of weapons.

The head act as a plug that keeps the lot together (german engineering), actually a great idea that permits personalization.

A typical Comapny of US Cavalry.

More pics:

Same figure with kepi and saber goes to the ACW and the Michigan Brigade in a flash!
You like the Cavalry trilogy? a change of hat and there you are… as you have deduced the choice of weapons is a must… saber, revolver, carbine… you name it… bugle etc.
Another hat and the Apache wars comes to mind!

Many times only a change of hat does the trick! In subsequent entries you will be introduced to my battle of Dorking outfit (not related to Dorca at all) and will see how my French Foreign Legion Playmobils double as Prussians with the change of hat!

More will follow.


The whole 7th (nearly sold them once! happy I did not.)