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All right folks!… Here you have a more traditional approach to the ACW… Perry Miniatures in 28mm (Just for those tired of my 6mm ANTIETAM/SHARPSBURG battle… which is coming nicely to an historical conclusion).

Enjoy the bigger scale… I do too!


John Firth’s Display

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How to display a collection is a matter of personal taste.

Found this one simple and efective… overall nice solution (even if those cavalrymen on the top will gather dust with time (had the same problem with my 54mm military modeling pieces… but it is easy to dust them off!).



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Today was a fantastic series of historical moves and actions!

Not only Hooker was wounded (and replaced by Meade as in real life!), Burnside troops crossed the bridge of his name in their first try!… part of the troops were heading for the ford anyway… Sumner is going to pitch against the sunken road… the last division of Hooker’s Corps is entangled with Hood’s Texans…

I am enjoying myself immensely… and glad to say so… it was worthwhile collecting allthose minis and stands.


Hood’s Texans engaged with Hooker’s.
Part of Burnside’s troops goes to a ford found by a cavalry scouting patrol.
The bridge assault!
Sumner’s second corps advances against the sunken road
The struggle goes on!
Aerial view!

Scott Lesch’s Own Battle of Puebla (First) Franco-Mexican War 1862.

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Those 54mm by Scott are always stirring toy soldiers!… Do not tell me the subject is well known!

Exotic to say the least!

Napoleon’s III intervention in Mexico (Because the Mexicans were not paying their international debt!)… follow the money!

Wonderful Toy Soldiers!


French Attack!
Mexican Lancers!
Mexican Army Line
French Artillery.
French Elan!


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Well, an update was needed… Hooker’s first and second Divisions are tired/spent and Mansfield is coming up. Six Union Brigades depleted are going to the rear area and would not intervene in te battle again.

Same on the other side, Jackson’s Eight Brigades are gone to the rear spent/tired/out of ammo (whatever in my rules)… and concentrate around Sharpsburg… Funnily enough (say dice are wise) The Louisiana Tigers did put a fierce show until forced to retire.

We are in for Sumner’s attack and Burnside’s crossing the bridge of his name…

I may be accused of making the rules as things develop which is not true… by luck they do function but will adjust once this particular reenactment is finished.

Enjoy! (If you are interested in this series)

General view.

Burnside’s on the move… to the bridge…

Sumner’s advance (II Corps)

Confederates and Union troops from the first clash on the Right Flank retire spent/tired and are replaced by other units.

Hood’s Texans advance

Confederates behind rail fence at the Sunken Road.