Stephen D. Preston’s Old School Wargame (using CHARGE!). (Part I)

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The battle of Sittingbad is a classic… this post is dedicated to the Old Masters of Old School Wargaming… and BTW to all those who considere my own wargames table too flat! … LOL

Shiny Toy Soldiers, schematic terrain, imaginary nations, old fashioned rules… what can possibly go wrong?


Just a bit of Old flavour!
Even multiple stands carriers!
They got the “look”
A general view.

Gian Lucca Cocchi presents: as seen in Facebook… more Knights!

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You know I can not refrain from posting those 90MM and 75MM Military Modeling subjects.

Gian Lucca Cocchi always publish them in Facebook… I only copy paste in here so they do not become lost in the maze of it!


Grand Master of the Hospitallers (by Alfonso Flores -figure- and Antonio Zapatero -head-
Hospitaller Knight in 90mm by Vitaly Lapshin
Grand Master of the Knights of St John. 75mm by G.L.C. himself.

Trying my hand at 6MM proxies (II) Baccus slightly modified.

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To continue with it… we left the minis glued to balsa strips (first Regiment), of course there were three Regiments of the Brigade of Guards in the Crimea: The Grenadiers (white plume), The Coldstreamers (red plume) and The Scots Fusiliers (soon to become The Scots Guards officially in 1877 I think…. the last were considered Queen Victoria’s pets.

Well, just red applied, will post new pics as others colors are applied in batches… one at the time of course!


One Regiment with undercoat (priming)
Next one is prepared and ready to be undercoated
Red is applied
A bit of close up
The three preliminary steps: Close to yo a Regiment glued on balsa strips; in the middle a Regiment with undercoat ; and on the far side with red applied (first true color)

Trying my hand at 6MM proxies. (I)

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Oh dear! I am going to tell you how it is done!

Don’t fret. It is a hobby. I am stubborn to a point. For ages I´ve been trying to built a British Crimean small Army. Of course it all started when I did the Light Brigade with Baccus proxies. You see there is no proper Crimean 6MM range in the Baccus Catalogue.

The big stone in the path was the British Guards… I refused for a long time to use the French Imperial Guard Grenadiers from Napoleon for a long time… I thought it was a bit obscene morally (LOL)… and then after unsuccessfully pestering Peter about a new pack for them… I did go for it.

The path was complicated, due to a sad mistake on my address (lack of mention of ANDORRA as a country) the parcel with proxies was lost for a hundred days (true napoleonic feelings I guess).

And then one day it appeared on my mail box as something brought by the cat (I do not have a cat though… those who deal with cats know that you do not “have” them… is the other way round… but I digress).

Normally the minis do not come as battered and bended as those, mind it is easy to fix them… but I like to show them as they were.

After a bit of work on the headgear (cutting out details) and eliminating the sabre briquet, and also the bayonets… I asume a painting job would do the rest.

So, in next posts (in the near future) I will explain how it goes. (Damn! it has been years since I painted 6MM… only painting 54MM Toy Soldiers nowadays… a bit concerned…)


A typical mail bag from BACCUS
My ex-office work station… reconverted.
The contents of a bag (much bended)
working on it
The French Eagle has been streamlined to a pole (a bit out of focus this one)
Small strips of balsa wood with glued converted minis (French Imperial Guard skirmishing but with command strips from the marching pack)

Napoleonic pics by New Buckenham Historical Wargamers (as seen in Facebook) Part III

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Here you have it the third Post in a row.

The dedication and quality of this wargamers deserve it in spades.

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did.

Next one for something completely different I guess…


Just love those skies!
More Cavalry
French Chasseurs a Cheval (Line)
Artillery… the real Queen of the Battlefields…

Napoleonic pics by New Buckenham Historical Wargamers (as seen in Facebook) Part II

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Part II

The choice of pics is mine but you can see the whole collection of them in Facebook searching for New Buckenham Historical Wargamers.

Envy?… nah… I am happy wargaming SOLO in 6MM nowadays… old age has inconveniences but also some advantages… I can play for half an hour a day for as many days I want (or even longer if I wish).

Splendid uniforms in the beginning of the XIXth Century… but cannon fodder the same if you know what I mean.


massed Russian Infantry
The Cavalry charge was an obsession back then!
French 3rd Hussars!
French Infantry
The players!

Napoleonic pics by New Buckenham Historical Wargamers (as seen in Facebook) Part I

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I played Napoleonics in 25MM (MINIFIGS) for thirty years (see Post Waterloo in this present webpage).

It was fun. Specially when we played with my brother and friends when we were young.

Funnily enough we did really make a mess of it (meaning the rules we used) but one day in one of the refights… The Old Guard did put the British to flight and remained in possession of the bloody field of battle at Waterloo!

It was really hard to contemplate a “new” refight after that.

By chance in my megalomania I had Austrians and Russians too!… so we moved backwards to Aspern-Essling… LOL

Those were the days. Some are still doing it In the Grand Manner.


The great man himself…
French Infantry seen from the rear
For once lets cheer the actual players!
Really atmospheric pics!