Lost Pic!

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Sometimes Murphy is right!… I have intended to post this pic for days… and never found where the hell I kept it in the Vault… Today so help me God… I have done three posts instead of one… due to me accidentally found it by pure chance…


I simply lost this pic inside “the Vault”… been searching for it days and days! Just my kind of thing (something by James Opie I think but not sure)

Work in progress and finished!

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OMG! getting out of lead to paint again!… UK Postal Strikes!… yipee!… what else can go wrong I ask?

REPLICA figures painted by Andrew Stevens (much better painter than me) used as “models”… sometimes I think I am a silly ass and should have concentrated in other model like Brigitte Bardot if you know what I mean… my only consolation is that my collection of models do not age up…

Will add pics this afternoon of the job finished.


That was an early pic… 54mm by Dorset castings.
A bit more of progress…

REPLICA (Andrew Stevens) Originals used as “info”…
All new additions in place!
Rear view (my painting efforts on the left)
Frontal view (mine on the left)
The other set of flags…
Lateral view of the Colours… my painting on the far right.
The last Gordons…

Bowley’s Own

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There seems to be a lot of Prussians lately… but that’s what it is… sometimes wargamers do have to follow a fashion no matter what (me included). Prussia had a span of 30 years before integrating Great Germany after 1870… and still… they are very popular (as anything before WWI and WWII)… LOL


A lot of Prussians advancing…
The French opposition!

Building up DORKING… (I)

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The battle of Dorking is the fundamental or quintessential scare of the XIXth Century in Britain, based on the book namesake after 1870… the Prussian Army concerned a lot of the fears on the Island (silly without a Navy who could slip the Royal Navy at all of course!)… but the scenarios you can build around the them are FUN!

I am currently waiting for three parcels to arrive to complete the small units I need to play them. The British are finished but the Prussians lack Cavalry and some “touchs”.


Basic Prussian unit (still in process)
Another one…
Still organizing those…two units that with a simple change of hat become French Foreign Legion… LOL
Above the British… below the slow building of the Prussians…