Two more warriors from Gian Luca Cocchi “no bottom well”. Military Modeling the Middle Ages.

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In fact the idea of conquering The Holy Land was really farfetched… to invade, conquer and kill and destruct is not quite Christian I guess… Export violence is maybe a better description… and the seeds of Imperialism were already there.

I am no fan of the middle ages.

But as many of my contradictions show on those Posts… I can not resist High Quality Military Modeling.



Warrior Monk
And another…

British and Egyptian “squares” in the desert (well: Der Alte Fritz & Docherty’s own & friends to be fair).

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Pics seen in facebook of a massive wargame using 54MM minis. Smacks of ABU KLEA (but no Egyptians there at all) and The Four Feathers!

The squares with zarebas are well represented… one British and one Egyptian.

Always missed the chance of a convivial big wargame with lots of common minded chaps and a beer after.

Guess you can not have ALL in this world!


Seems it did not jammed!
Rather confused formation…
In real life Dervishes had a hard time!
General view!

Cavalry on the plains (II) Little Big Horn.

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Dave Mitchell’s Own as seen in Facebook…

OK it is a Little Big Horn diorama… but that is probably the peak of the Plains Indian Wars… have read a lot of books about it and not the wiser about “How”… “Where” “When” “Why” and “Whom” is pretty clear I guess.

The precise movements and actions of Custer’s Battalion and HQ (Cos C,E,F,I & L) are still a matter of debate today… because there were not survivors… the situation of the corps of the deceased or massacred gives some hints of where they died… but not the order of the deaths.

Here you are… you seemed to like the last Post about it…


Looks like Little Big Horn…
Of course it is…
Excellent diorama
A lot of work there…
Not mere collecting…

Dilley’s (Senior) works…

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Always have admired the work of the Dilley’s (father & son)… even bought the book (the original one in e-bay or amazon second hand shops… not sure exactly) done years ago and it is a treasured one in my collection.

I do not paint in mat, more Toy Soldier Classical gloss varnish for me… but as with Military Modeling I do appreciate CRAFTSMANSHIP!…



French Officers.
Another pic.
And another.

24th Foot

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I was early up this morning… and perusing Facebook found this pic (and added others about the same subject)… guess that there are themes that will never die in the minds of collectors… and one of them is the 24th Foot (Zulu War of course!)… it happens with a lot of other units… the light Brigade 1854… the 7th Cavalry 1876… La Garde Imperiale de Napoleon (specially the Old Guard Grenadiers) and so on…

Why they are all disasters to quite a high point seem to emphasize the legend the lore and the nostalgia… do not ask me why!


We all keep painting/modelling them… not mine today!
No words needed…

Fantastic Diorama

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Nothing surprise me a lot nowadays… but sometimes… sometimes… sometimes I am shocked by sheer quality!… What a masterful work!

On the other hand another surprise was the announcement of a Toy Soldiers’s Collection for sale (Mr. Luc Lezun) using in Facebook… just remember all transactions are a private agreement between gentlemen and the site has been created only for pleasure and no commercial objectives at all. Simply beware as usual. Thought better to clarify… wish I could buy them all! The use of mirrors on the back of the cabinets where the Collection for sale is displayed “doubles” the effect of quantity… anyone can see that… but better mention to be absolutely clear!


It is so good I thought it was a master oil painting (a la Detaille if you please!) Congratulations!

A bit of Imperialism… I think maybe from Claude Bailey…

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This pic was selected some weeks ago and has remained in The Vault I do not know why… in fact it is one of my favourite subjects… Bengal Lancers… British Officers… LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER… THE DRUM… GUNGA DIN… KARTHOUM … THE FOUR FEATHERS (the 1939 version or either STORM OVER THE NILE -practically the same scenes- but even the BBC version with Beau Bridges is not bad… anything but the last remake which is awful!)… etc.


It really looks like Young Winston in the foreground (working on one myself in 54mm)