Small Conversions, as part of collecting.

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Now, this could possibly go under “Collecting Toy Soldiers” or even “Conversions” alone… a post I deleted and going to use in part to show what I mean for conversions.

Life is not perfect sometimes (we all learn to live with that), and mistakes or omissions appear in your collecting hobby. For example on my last order to Andrew (REPLICA METAL SOLDIERS&MODELS 54mm) I did not specify that I wanted my 92nd Highlanders pipers 1878 with pith helmet (Khaki)… to my surprise they come with a different headgear… a bit out of place when campaigning in Afghanistan… but not historically imposible… anyway after much thinking about it I have decided to change those heads. Andrew did loyally commented that they were (and are) one-piece castings, so the process would be “cutting off” and drilling a new hole on the neck to acomodate the new head (painted and supplied by Andrew) which of course implies the use of special tools I did buy long time ago for doing the same thing in 25/28 mm scale.

For once, I am going to post the pics as it goes instead of a posteriori, just to see if it helps some of you. In fact the idea occurred to me as a result of asking Andrew for a small order (Only 4 toy soldiers) because you can always try to improve displays… I asked for the second ensign of the 92nd (with the Regimental Yellow Colour), a RSM for the 92nd, a bugler with pith helmet if you please!, and an extra officer for my guns at the time of the Zulu War or Tel el Kebir it does not exactly matter. Then I asked Andrew to provide three plug in heads: two for the pipers and another for “Bobs”. To come already painted in toy soldier style.

They would probably be here sometime in July if all goes well.

This head is probably going to be replaced or either repainted anew… not decided yet. Not pleased by the look of it. I did it myself and it is a bit too realistic for a Toy Soldier.
A samples pic to help Andrew to identify what I wanted and the exact “positions” of the Toy Soldiers, the one on the right is a RPWTS (Robert Prati).
Here are some of my OLD conversions of Foundry 28mm figures for the Crimean War, I still have in my possesion a Nolan figure (left of pic) for sentimental reasons. Do not ask for them and pester FOUNDRY, they are not in the catalogue, I wanted a mounted Highlander officer, a mounted colonel of Rifles, a general based on Raglan (the one wawing sword and some other assorted pieces. I used horses from their range and some heads from REDOUBT (those with havelock).
My most “convoluted conversions” Tim Tyler’s Ivory Patrol minis in 28mm. Maybe too long to explain how I did them because the use of parts was really complicated.
A very simple swap of heads and another general (it was a Turk originally) added to my collection (now sold out). FOUNDRY 28mm.
I was really obssesed with doing “conversions” at that stage of my wargaming life.
And for RolePlay and skirmish games I did make a lot of versions of mounted and dismounted pairs of characters in 28mm.
See what I mean?… the sky is the limit…
Another example… the RED CAVALIER…
Another mixed lot… in 28mm.
A sample of the scales I messed up with in my wargaming life… and a couple of my childhood toy soldiers… the one in the bike and the mounted RCMP. Both from Spanish manufacture in some kind of cautxuc or rubber composition.